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  1. when_in_TN

    Action steps required to open pool

    Pool chemistry is never a problem for me, but ai can't remember if there is anything technical I need to do to open besides remove plugs and replace drain cap on the filter and the returns. Am I missing anything? It's been a while since I opened it myself. 20x40 inground vinyl, Hayward S240...
  2. when_in_TN

    Best online sites to purchase a quality pump?

    After dealing with some electrical issues, we found that the motor on our 1.5 HP Hayward pump was burnt out. Some made the suggestion to try to replace the motor. I'm not sure exactly what model it is other than it being a super pump, I'm not sure when it came out. Anyway it was a single speed...
  3. when_in_TN

    Any one used the wet pour rubber for a deck resurface? Thoughts?

    Our pool was built in the 70s on a slope. Heavy rains have really taken a toll on a couple of slabs of sagging concrete but that would be an enourmous undertaking. We may not evenive in this house for that long to invest a total overhaul. There appears to be an old pebble layer on the bottom...
  4. when_in_TN

    yellow stained steps and a rusty skimmer.

    I searched the forum for getting yellow off of steps. Tried the vitamin C tablet and it did turn white. I tried it on the skimmer too and in some places it turned white but in other spots it stayed beyond yellow and it just looks rusty. There is also a line just under the skimmer that looks...
  5. when_in_TN

    TF-100 Test results...opinions on next steps?

    I've been following this thread. New Member New Pool Owner Many Questions Tried the 10 minute drill for myself Wed. night. Ran out of bleach after 16 gallons. I did it again last night, started around 8 pm and 22 gallons later finally got to where it would hold at 10 for ten or fifteen...
  6. when_in_TN

    Insanely Dysfunctional Filter Set-up...How can this be fixed?

    I know nothing about this stuff and I posted this in the newbie section but thought I'd try my luck here too. I’m considering just calling a plumber to take it from here. I ordered a replacement vari-flo valve and am trying to figure out what to do next. The labor aspect is overwhelming. I’ll...
  7. when_in_TN

    Which line do I fill the K-2005 Cl and pH comparateos up to?

    -comparators- Am I just feeling dumb or have I been filling dumb this whole time?
  8. when_in_TN

    How to clean my sand filter?

    Is there anything special I need to do besides turn the pump off before I clean this filter? Anyone have any good links to help me?
  9. when_in_TN

    Hayward S240 Sand Filter Vari-Flo Control valve assembly Replacement

    I got my TF-100 today. My CC is 2. I'd like to get started on a slam however, this part on my filter has a significant leak and running the pump non stop is resulting in leaked water dropping the waterline about an inch in a day. I found a replacement part on Amazon for between for 120...
  10. when_in_TN

    bought older home, got old pool, first opening ever in my life, struggling with CC

    Please Help me. The Long story short version is underlined. A little background. Well, I have no background in managing a pool prior to the last five days. I anticipated there may be some issues based on the pool inspection when we bought the house. I thought I better leave the opening up to...