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  1. rajung

    Electrical question

    I am finally getting around to see if I like the Wion Outdoor Wi_Fi timer, the current Intermatic timer I wired in a couple years ago works perfect but would like to randomly run the pump if I add chems other than at my routine times . The timer has these ratings, not listing all but only...
  2. rajung

    unknown type of weed or grass

    anyone have an idea what this strange grass or weed keeps returning every year. It has been returning every year for the past 4 years, usually this time of year, around one of my 5 rain gutter pop ups, don't know if that has any issue with it or not as it is the only place its happening. Never...
  3. rajung

    searching for a sunbrella fabric umbrella

    Any opinions on best place to purchase? Looking for a manual raise, less to go wrong, 8-9 ft market style due to upper flap allowing air to limit lift up. Not sure if metal or wood ? blue or blue / white stripe. many places I have searched mention Sunbrella in the ad but nowhere in description...
  4. rajung

    Is there really a lawn edging that works?

    Needing to do some replacement edging between some grass and decorative rock. Currently I placed the brown fiber type stuff from Menards along with the plastic anchor pins about 4 years ago but it is now lifting out from the freeze / thaw . I have tried the black plastic tube edge style , black...
  5. rajung

    growing hops for decor

    So I bought 2 Chinook hop roots, not sure what they are called. I plan to grow them in 2 half whiskey barrels one on ea side of a screened in Gazebo. Am I creating a monster? just thought they look nice but worried they might attack and ruin the screen fabric.
  6. rajung

    ear rings and vinyl

    So last year, one of my Granddaughters lost an earing in our pool, at least that was where she last thought she had it. It was a studded one with a push on clip. I started to worry about puncturing liner if it was in pool and stepped on. A few days later the back showed up in the Dolphin...
  7. rajung

    back to freezing temp with opened pool

    Well we are in for a real treat, tomorrow night its back to 25 deg for one night then back in the 30's for lows for a couple days with a chance of 1-7 inches of snow. Would that be concern with the pool that I opened and running for the last 2 weeks? 1st time this happened. Currently run pump...
  8. rajung

    low voltage string lights

    Looking to add some lighting to a Gazebo which is in the far end of the yard where no power is available but do have 12v buried cable there. Would like to find a LED string light that would work with the transformer I have searched quite a while but don't think they exist. I know there are solar...
  9. rajung

    On the app, is there tab for pool size volume calculator?

    I just input water volume from the older website version but wondering if that option is also in the mobile app, thanks
  10. rajung


    Anyone ever deal with these things.. (Edit by Jim R.) Every year, diligently treat lawn for all insects not to mention feeding lawn. 2 years ago I caught 18 with mouse traps and peanut butter, last year none, this year they are in full force. Noticed a small hole in ground near deck wall so I...
  11. rajung

    Strange way pool water thaws

    In our area, the pool is starting to thaw. I noticed today how strange the process it goes through. Looks like planet Krypton. A good reason not to mess with the ice in a vinyl liner, , each tip is actually a foot long dagger, all floating independently .
  12. rajung

    pool math comparison numbers

    Just starting to using the app, want to get use to it before opening. Using the original program on my pc up to now. Using poolmath to adjust PH from 7.8 to 7.2 with 13,700 gallons and a TA of 120ppm it shows to add 57 oz of 31.45% acid. Using the app it shows to add 40oz. Have numbers been...
  13. rajung

    Looking for suggestions on backwash hose connections

    I need to replace my hose this year again, 1 1/2", standard, thin wall cheap hose. I think about going to a reinforced style since these don't last for me as I have to go across land scape rock and such. My multi port has the regular slip on type fitting for hose but those are a hassle getting...
  14. rajung

    Extreme cold temperature effects

    I was just wondering if the extreme cold temps have any more effects towards pool issues than normal cold winters. I see we are anticipating -15 temps Wed. with wind chill factors in the minus 50 below range. I always move all equipment indoors for this reason, since it happens every so often...
  15. rajung

    saving pool math to desktop

    I use to use firefox but have been using edge. Is there a way to save the pool math calculator to desktop with win10 and save my current inputs? With Firefox I just copied the HTML to desktop, added levels and clicked control/S keys. thanks
  16. rajung

    removing steps during closing

    Have pool closed except for the Confer steps that are new this spring. Had ladder mounted to deck originally. I added sand and placed in full pool with no problem alone. Now pool drained about 1 1/2 feet, steps about half under water but full of wet sand. Anyone remove by themselves or does it...
  17. rajung

    vacuum sand out of filter tank

    Every year when I remove sand filter tank to store, I have to use a very small cup to scoop the sand out due to the stand pipe in the middle, very time consuming. I have read where people have used shop vacs. I have a 6 1/2 HP Rigid brand shop vac and was wondering if this would work without...
  18. rajung


    Yes I hate winter and am already thinking about it. This whole moving clock ahead and back stuff I think is nuts. I always thought it was about school kids safety and farmers out in the fields. I just did a search, yes, I am bored, about why we still do it other than most of Arizona and...
  19. rajung

    thinking about changing out ladder steps

    Starting to contemplate switching from our current confer plastics ladder steps. They have been very good for the 5 years we have used them, just thinking there might be something a little more comfortable and easier when getting out of pool, avoiding the narrow step pattern and incline. I do...
  20. rajung

    What did I do wrong smoking ribs?

    Had a group of 14 Family members last week- end I decided to do my part and make chops ,wings, dogs and brats on grill, all went good. Bought a 40 inch Smoke Hollow electric smoker. and also decided to smoke 8 racks of Baby Back. Removed back membrane, seasoned with rub, smoked at 225 deg for 3...
  21. rajung

    electric smoker placement concern

    So I decided to get a 40" electric smoker Now I am not sure about placing on a covered wooden deck, 8 ft wall height and 10ft at peak. Was planning to place next to small fridge along that wall, not sure about how much radiant heat these omit or if its grease leak that is an issue on wood. Don't...
  22. rajung

    PH test, do I need my eyes adjusted?

    Something I have wondered about for some time. When doing the PH test my level always is between 7.6 and 7.8. But I noticed if I turn the "test box" ? horizontal with cap on, the colors will be slightly off? If its 7.6 it may show 7.8 and vise a versa. yes, I must be bored .
  23. rajung

    Bush near pool

    I just planted a Dwarf burning bush behind pool deck, which puts it 8 ft from the pool wall, anybody have knowledge if this would be too close? I tried search for root system for these and can not find info on that. Suppose to grow 6 ft tall, so I expect it to grow to 8-10 ft. After I planted I...
  24. rajung

    low voltage landscape light color options

    Does anyone have a source for low voltage lights, such as flood or spot that have lenses that can be changed to green or blue and such? Only ones I can find are direct plug in where each light gets plugged in to a power source, remote control lights that use RGB lLED's but always revert to white...
  25. rajung

    stabilizer dissolve rate

    For the past 4 years, ever since having a pool , new at the time, I add stabilizer ea. year when first opening, going to 40 ppm from mostly 30ppm, loss of around from 10ppm due to water level reduction when closing and water addition from rain/snow through winter and early spring. After adding...
  26. rajung

    Issues with Dolphin E10

    Finally getting this started up .!st time with Dolphin E10 , I must say, not impressed so far unless I expect too much. It seems like 50% of the time this thing dances around, does wheelies. When it changes directions it does a wheel stand, floats up and around. I feel like I am at Sea World...
  27. rajung

    water temp question

    Around my area I think winter has finally fizzled out, PhakePhonyPhil, that fat Raccoon was right. I have some other projects that I need to get done before reconnecting the pump and filter and opening pool.I do have a thermometer in the pool, one of those Walmart ones on a string but I cant...
  28. rajung

    speaker mount ideas

    I am ditching my hard wired outdoor rated speakers for Bluetooth set up. Even though rated for outdoors, the terminals are still exposed somewhat and the wire eventually corrodes. I am using 2 JBL Charge 3 speakers which are 3.5 inches in diameter.They only have the standard 33 foot range but I...
  29. rajung

    Dolphin E10

    Just received my E10 today with ultra fine container, going to put o'l reliable pool rover in garage sale soon , I hope. Looking forward to see how much better this unit will work compared to the Rover with fine mesh bags. It moved silt around and 2 hr later it was back. My question is for...
  30. rajung

    getting ready for pool openin

    Getting close here, ok, 6 weeks away but working on my plan. Currently I have my heater set on one of those plastic grey equipment pads, worked fine for 3 years but now starting to lean a little which causes all the lines to the filter and pump not fit the best, but did not leak. Going to have...