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  1. Flying Tivo

    Stenner pump

    @Stenner Tech Support I have not been able to locate E20FXB or E20FXC anywhere on the internet. Can you help me? thanks
  2. Flying Tivo

    So it begins! Lakeside Summer House Renovation that includes a ????

    Pool! Of course! :party:
  3. Flying Tivo

    DIY Plaster

    Never heard of this but its interesting.
  4. Flying Tivo

    Best Web place to buy equipment bundle?

    Searched inyopools and others but dont seam to have a complete Pump, filter, Automation, SWG, White goods. Prefer Pentair since that is what i have.
  5. Flying Tivo

    Hanna is dumping big H2O

    TS Hanna is doing a number on us down here. Had to drain about 10 inches of water from pool. Still another 24 hrs to go. This might be an involuntary full Drain/Refill. Not that much but still a lot. The only thing i dont have in hand is CYA, quite hard to get it down here(puck freaks down here).
  6. Flying Tivo

    Very slow flow on the returns.

    Just dont know why. :epds:
  7. Flying Tivo

    Algae inside the light niche.

    Since opening the pool 2 years ago, i had to slam 2 times due to slightly hazy water. The last slam was about 2 weeks ago, let the FC drop slowly over a week to a FC of 8ppm(CYA 60). Then 2 days later BOOM hazy water again:mad:, since i could not find a logical source of algae since i never had...
  8. Flying Tivo

    New heater setup

    Open for improvements or suggestions.
  9. Flying Tivo

    Very nice modern pool

  10. Flying Tivo

    Replacement IC-40 flow, temp sensor with aftermarket

    Has anybody tried Optimum Pool Technologies for replacement sensors? They are at least half off original parts.
  11. Flying Tivo

    Alerts is forum ok?

    Cant use the alerts menu nor my user menu on the top banner right hand side. Is it just me or the forum having issues?
  12. Flying Tivo

    One more place to look for algae.

    Just when you think you looked everywhere, BAM, the weir door foam. Never imagined i had to look there. Never had dull water just FC loss of 4-5ppm with cool weather and low UV index. Started cleaning the skimmer for a complete brushing and found this. I would recommend finding a higher density...
  13. Flying Tivo

    More suggestions for Poolmath app

    @Leebo: I wanted to read back some notes i made on my configuration page and they are several lines. When i put the cursor on the notes field i need to leave the finger pressed to scroll the note field. Can it be made as self adjusting the notes window, as to show the full content? When you want...
  14. Flying Tivo

    Hypochlorous Acid

    Wiki and ChlorKing As i understand it when we add hypochlorite it will quickly reach an equilibrium between hypochlorous and hypochlorite??? Is it marketing Hype?
  15. Flying Tivo

    I would like to show off my latest Pad build!

    Its a big pool! It seams the flow is not strong enough. I did change for a larger filter. Still trying to figure it out. :hammer:
  16. Flying Tivo

    IntelliPh control box down.

    Control box not working, read up on @bdavis466 post about wiring through a relay. I understand the wiring, but my question is: Can i get the 26VDC from the SWG control board (this is where the PH gets its original power from)on the extra connector of my ET8 with integrated SWG transformer? Dont...
  17. Flying Tivo

    PoolMath App suggestion

    @Leebo I have a suggestion for the app, just as the SWG under effects of adding, can you add the intelliPh as a selection and use the following table referencing pump run hours with % selected from 1-100, and also can it be calculated on english and metric. I think it would be rather helpful...
  18. Flying Tivo

    Whats inside? Family.

    I follow this guy for his Tesla knowledge. He has tons of subscribers, i just commented on his video to follow TFP, hope he shows up soon.
  19. Flying Tivo

    Dirt Tsunami

    The 12've Paws are not helping in my lawn renovation.o_O At least I know its not algae, FC 10.
  20. Flying Tivo

    Tropical storm Fernand!

    No winds but plenty of water, 500mm in 48 hrs. Was able to Deep Clean my sand filter with 5-30 min backwashes/rinse combined. I will start testing and balancing tomorrow. I did lower ph to 7.2 and added about a gallon of FC, just to have wiggle room. I cant imagine what Dorian is doing to the...
  21. Flying Tivo

    To be or Not to be? That's the Question!

  22. Flying Tivo

    Best Approach for a high TA fill water?

    What would be the best way as to tackle my high fill TA(220)? I have an Autofill. Would a water softener bring down TA with the CH? Keep adding Acid and aerating? Already have an IPH that dont use, should i plum it and be done with it? @Leebo Also it would be nice to have a tab on the...
  23. Flying Tivo

    API-Revive product.

    As not to clog the other thread where its mentioned i would start this up. This video is more from a sell point of view, but has information on some specs as "Not polymer based" and filter compatible as not sticky. The product seams quite old as to not have heard of it in here(last post 2015).EZ...
  24. Flying Tivo

    Another way of adding CYA!

    And my wife thought I wasn’t smart enough!
  25. Flying Tivo

    I will consider this a Terrorist Attack!

    This is enough! For sale a Belgian Terrorist!
  26. Flying Tivo


    I have a suggestion for the statistics at the bottom. Can you add PoolMath App downloads and PoolMath App subscriptions? This could encourage other people to download and subscribe.
  27. Flying Tivo

    Pet proyect: Found out there was some chewing going on!

    Minor repairs:
  28. Flying Tivo

    Poolmath app glitch

    On the app, overview screen, tap on salt since i was running low. Targeted 3000 and told me to add 6Kgs. Tapped on the add the suggested amount. Then go on to the Logs screen and appears as 6 g of salt. Just a heads up. thanks
  29. Flying Tivo

    LA Dam mystery balls