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  1. Nikilyn

    Dallas Pool Build **update with final pool pics**

    Since they made it slippery and a big discolored spot, maybe they could put acrylic lace on it.
  2. Nikilyn

    Pool loungers (floats)

    I would love one of these but they are so expensive! Whenever I’m in the float I end up being blown into other people and having to paddle away. I’m always wishing for a propeller at those times 😂.
  3. Nikilyn

    Anyone get hit with that dust storm last night in east valley Phoenix area?

    Make sure to post pics when it’s done. I would love to see it in a different pool 😊.
  4. Nikilyn

    Anyone get hit with that dust storm last night in east valley Phoenix area?

    Thank you! I fell in love with it too. This is it and the company we got it from. The price has gone up since January. They have other colors and I would recommend you get samples because their pictures are way off on some. Ours was pretty close though...
  5. Nikilyn

    What's your robot's name?

    What a good grandpa 😊.
  6. Nikilyn

    Taylor Salt Test Inconsistent and More Test Help Needed!

    I had no idea you measured it from the last point you saw it. I've been doing it wrong. Means mine is a little higher than I thought, which is good. Thank you!
  7. Nikilyn

    What's your robot's name?

    Wondering what everyone named their robot. Ours is Pumba. I think of it as a pool roomba so we combined the two words 😊. We're a Disney family so it fits 😉.
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  9. Nikilyn

    Anyone get hit with that dust storm last night in east valley Phoenix area?

    Our pool was pretty muddy. We are right against the San Tan Mountains and got hit pretty hard. It took us about a week to get it cleaned. We emptied Pumba (our robot) 3 or 4 times and he was full of mud each time. Lots of brushing and running the pump on high quite a bit. Just when it was...
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  12. Nikilyn

    Difference between Stonescapes Puerto Rico Blend and Touch of Glass

    Yes, it’s what I wanted. We had a white, plaster pool before so I wanted something different. I don’t like the lagoon look. I wanted a “pool“ look, only a bit deeper, but not dark. The aqua blue seems to be on the same color scale as mine only darker.
  13. Nikilyn

    Difference between Stonescapes Puerto Rico Blend and Touch of Glass

    Mine is aqua white micro with PRB beads.
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  15. Nikilyn

    Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off I love that they look different depending on the angle you look at them.
  16. Nikilyn


    I could be wrong. Paperwork said, auto leveler. So maybe just a fill? I just know that was a lot of water to evaporate that fast.
  17. Nikilyn


    Ours got pretty high too. We have 3 row of 2” tile and it was up to the middle of the top one. It was back to normal yesterday so I guess our auto leveler works. I knew it did well keeping it filled. Now we know it drains it too, just took a little while. It was a lot of rain very fast.
  18. Nikilyn

    Understanding Home Depot muriatic acid options

    And then the one we go to only had the 31%. Guess they could have been out of the other.
  19. Nikilyn

    Dark Pebbletec and heat issues in summer?

    We don’t have a dark finish but our pool has been almost too warm the last couple of weeks. Seems to be holding at 91. We’ve been aerating trying to cool it a bit. Our lows are in the 80s.
  20. Nikilyn

    Stonescapes mini pebble vs micro pebble vs PolishedScapes vs QuartzScapes

    It’s definitely micro. They may not have it now but they did in February. Our pool is 7’.
  21. Nikilyn

    My deck color makes me want to cry

    You can get an acrylic overlay and then pick your color. It is like Kooldeck in texture. We have it and really like it. It is cooler than regular concrete too.
  22. Nikilyn

    New Pool Build in Los Angeles - GUNITE DAY!

    Definitely get the umbrella hole. Get some in the deck too. They don’t get in the way or look bad if you don’t use them but oh, so nice to have. We have 3 in the deck and one in the Baja shelf. We use the one in the shelf almost every time we use the pool during the day and then usually a deck...
  23. Nikilyn

    Wet Edge Pool finishes

    Primera is the smoothest because they polish it smooth. It is also the most expensive. Cost will depend on your area. Doesn’t your pool builder have samples? If you are doing owner/builder then you’ll need to find someone in your area that installs it and has samples and they can give you prices.
  24. Nikilyn

    Florida woman finally building a pool!

    Why would you need to wait 5 days?
  25. Nikilyn

    How often do you do each of the tests?

    Wow! That's impressive to be able to eye that.
  26. Nikilyn

    How often do you do each of the tests?

    Oh, OK. That little block thing send way off to me. I did both once and they weren't even close to the same. The block showed bright yellow, so above the highest number. My drop test was super low, like 2, so not close at all.
  27. Nikilyn

    Percentage vs ppm

    Yes, I worded that wrong. Should have said SWG output.
  28. Nikilyn

    Percentage vs ppm

    I’m a bit confused about these 2 things. I read in people’s recommendations about changing your salt output to a certain ppm but the only setting I see for my IC40 is a percentage. Does mine have a ppm setting that I haven’t found on the app that I really need to check? Or is that for a...
  29. Nikilyn

    Vacation advice needed

    Do you really empty your skimmer basket twice a day 😱?