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  1. JohnT

    Robot cleaner discoloring, something in the water?

    Iron would seem to be the likely candidate. Put a vitamin C tablet on a section of stained liner for a few minutes and see what happens. If it lightens the staining, you may want to consider an Ascorbic Acid Treatment as described in this post Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains...
  2. JohnT

    New Skim-A-Round All in One Skimmer

    Works very well, but is very particular about water level. If you can maintain your water level without much variation it may be a good choice.
  3. JohnT

    Brand new to SWG. Low FC. High TA. Problems with algae

    This This chart will tell you where your FC should be. For 70ppm CYA you you should be aiming for 5ppm FC and never less than 3ppm. If your water is currently clear, you can just turn the SWCG percentage up. Not sure you are really at 2% though. Try something like 70% and see what happens. If...
  4. JohnT

    Skimmer not sucking, not sure if to open 2nd plug

    Welcome to TFP! That’s a mystery. Normally the hole closer to the pool is either connected to the main drain or unused and plugged. The hole further from the pool is the line to the pump for the skimmer. It looks like the threaded plug was installed upside down. What do the connections to the...
  5. JohnT

    What happened to the sticky @ the top of the spa forum?

    We are reducing their number and culling some with out of date information. The stuff in the stickies is often information more suited to Pool School. I personally hope stickies are most often used for timely information that has a shelf life. Things like how to prepare for a hurricane or a...
  6. JohnT

    My Trouble Free Pool - Copper Sulfate

    Welcome to TFP! Copper and silver have antimicrobial properties. But there are two significant issues with using them in pools: First, a key function of a sanitizer in a pool is to prevent transfer of pathogens between bathers. The slow kill rate of silver and copper makes them ineffective for...
  7. JohnT

    High water pressure and low suction

    Glad you got it figured out!
  8. JohnT


    You want each skimmer and the drain to have a run all the way to the pump.
  9. JohnT

    High water pressure and low suction

    Highly likely something is blocking your return plumbing or something loose inside the filter is blocking the outlet.
  10. JohnT


    Welcome to TFP! Can you clarify what you mean by a skimmer to main drain valve? Are you building or repairing?
  11. JohnT

    High water pressure and low suction

    The low suction is a symptom of the restriction from the pump or filter as evidenced by the high gauge reading. A suction restriction will result in low filter pressure and reduced return flow. High filter pressure will cause reduced suction and reduced return flow. You need to determine if...
  12. JohnT

    CYA chemistry help please

    How many gallons is your pool?
  13. JohnT

    Bleach dosing automated

    The HASA Liquidator will do what you want.
  14. JohnT

    High water pressure and low suction

    It would only go to 0 if there was no restriction in the return plumbing. If the gauge goes to 0 when the pump is off, it's probably okay. I'd try running water backwards through the returns to see if it can flow freely.
  15. JohnT

    High water pressure and low suction

    Welcome to TFP! High pressure indicates a flow restriction in the filter or the return plumbing. Such a restriction will cause poor suction and low flow from the returns. What does your water look like? Can your filter be operated without the cartridge to isolate issues and determine if the...
  16. JohnT

    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    Welcome to TFP! I think it’s certain the anchor for your railing isn’t bonded now. When you say you are seeing 3V on the ground by the pool motor, how exactly are you measuring? I think you understand the situation well enough to realize you have two problems: Your railing anchor isn’t bonded...
  17. JohnT

    Why doesn't a salt pool require additional salt?

    Combined chlorine is a temporary state while it is purifying the water. Assuming there is enough free chlorine available to finish sanitizing, combined chlorine is transitory.
  18. JohnT

    Pump Losing Outlet Pressure/Flow

    How long are you backwashing?
  19. JohnT

    Has anyone ever seen water bonding (electrical) done this way?

    I’ve not seen that particular one, but there are several similar plumbing options for water bonding available. Most of them install in the hard piping, but that’s not the standard for AG plumbing so this seems like a reasonable option.
  20. JohnT

    Electrical help

    The requirements for bonding an above ground pool aren‘t complex. What is the pool structure made of?
  21. JohnT

    Newbie pool owner

    Anything conductive that’s in contact with the water needs to be bonded, so the pump needs to be bonded regardless of location.
  22. JohnT

    SLAM and chlorine tablets?

    Welcome to TFP! Your CYA level would determine whether you want to use the tablets. They can quickly raise levels to the point it can be difficult to manage an algae bloom. Be sure to look at The FC/CYA chart if you haven’t yet.
  23. JohnT

    Never drain in winter?!

    Welcome to TFP! A typical pool would be destroyed if you drained it for the winter. If you take the water out, the pool will pop out of the ground like a boat. They freeze, but so does the soil around it,
  24. JohnT

    New to TFP -- FC question

    Welcome to TFP! Can you post some details about your pool or add to your signature? Pool volume, SWG model etc. Also need to know your CYA level how long you run your pump and what setting you use on your SWCG.
  25. JohnT

    Weird tingling "feeling" ?

    The bonding system in the pool should hide a problem like this as it does its job.
  26. JohnT

    Weird tingling "feeling" ?

    So what this is telling you is that the soil under your garage floor is at a different voltage than your grounding conductor feeding the tub. A few likely causes: Your grounding electrode isn’t doing it’s job. They can corrode, and sometimes soil resistance requires the use of more than one. A...
  27. JohnT

    Weird tingling "feeling" ?

    The thing to be concerned with is that something else could happen that energizes things at a much higher voltage.
  28. JohnT

    Weird tingling "feeling" ?

    This is pretty well a classic case. Rural area. Only feeling it on cuts is extremely common. It can be caused by phone line, a neighbor with a defective well pump, or issues with utility grounding practices. Your power provider may have someone knowledgeable, especially if livestock are common...
  29. JohnT

    Weird tingling "feeling" ?

    You have an electrical problem. Maybe not with your home’s service. First thing I would do is check the rounding electrode at your service entrance. Is this an attached garage? City or rural? Wells nearby?
  30. JohnT

    Ideal TA

    Welcome to TFP! TA is one of the least critical levels. If you don’t have problems maintaining pH where you want it and don’t need it somewhere particular for CSI management, just let it be.