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  1. Earthman Bob

    Pentair SAM and SAL Pool Lights

    And they change color?
  2. Earthman Bob

    Pentair Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) bulb replacement options

    I know this is a very old thread, but thanks for the info! So do the bulbs you bought change colors, just like the originals?
  3. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    James--thanks again for the detective work. I'd be totally focused in the wrong direction if you hadn't spotted the issue. I'm strongly leaning toward a new filter at this point. I've been reading a whole lot about cartridge vs sand, but am still on the fence. I really like the pool water...
  4. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    Got it James. I'll ask your opinion on my original post. Given the filter's age/condition, what's your opinion on keeping the old filter, or replacing that too?
  5. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    So happy to be finding this out now! Thanks again. I'll order a new 261055 and get the new plumbing sorted out ASAP. I've been running it like this since the end of last season. Even did a successful SLAM a month ago. But it wasn't quite right, of course. I'll ask the pool supply company...
  6. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    Well, that's an unwelcome, but needed revelation! Here are some pics that might help. Yes, the pipe from the pump to the multiport goes into the top hole of the multiport. And looking at the description of the multiport I bought, it is as you said "For use with FNS, FNS Plus DE Pool Filters."...
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  9. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    Hey Hum-- I don't know about the problem being a piece of debris. I think--but am not sure--that maybe it's gotten better. But still, the same thing is happening with the diminishing pressure and flow until I backwash. I'm going to open the filter and look in to see what I see. I'm leaning...
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  13. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    Hey Roscoe-- I had to look up what a slide valve is :) It has a multiport valve which is new as of last year when I rebuilt all the plumbing. So no slide valve.
  14. Earthman Bob

    Time for A New Filter?

    Before spending $1,000 for a new filter (I'd do the installation), I thought I'd run it by the experts to see what you'd do. First, it's a Pentair Tr100 Triton II and is likely 25-30 years old. (Bought the house 6 years ago.) Second, I've been getting sand in the pool for the last couple of...
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    attachment (3).jpeg

  16. Earthman Bob

    How to fix a cracked pump housing

    I'll add to this old thread by saying I tried this on my old super pump housing that had some cracks that I finally found today. It worked like a charm! And I only had a soldering iron with a finer tip. Should I need to redo this, I'll use a wider-tipped iron, since that will be better for...
  17. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    Now I know that there is such a thing as a nozzle. I'm reading about them... I'll have to wait till the spring to look into what nozzles I have, along with what blower to use... Seems like there's always something new to learn. And that's because there is!
  18. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    The eyeball openings on the jets are 3/4". So then, given the size of the eyeballs, and the fact that there are 2" pipes feeding 4 jets, does that tell you something about which pump and housing would be most suitable? I have both a 1.5 and 2HP Hayward Superpump that I can use and as you...
  19. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    The whole system, other than the Caretaker system that I had removed, was done with 2" pipe. This spa pump feeds 4 jets. There are another 4 jets that come from the main pump return. As I mentioned, the original pump for the jets was a 2HP Hayward Super Pump. I tried a 1.5HP Hayward...
  20. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    That's good to know. This pump/housing question got me reading about flow rate through various sized pipes, and I learned what you know already--that there's a big difference in the flow rate between 1.5 and 2" pipes. 1.5" = 38 GPM and 2" = 63 GPM But that's running through an entire length...
  21. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    Hey Mark, Thanks for the reply. Didn't see it till now, even though I've been looking. In the meantime, I contacted Hayward, and they simply said: "I would recommend using the housing with the 2 inch plumbing as the 1.5 inch will reduce the flow rate thru the system." What do you think of...
  22. Earthman Bob

    Spa Jets Hayward Pump Replacement Questions

    After more than an hour of looking up pump info, now I still need some help. I'll start at the beginning. Our spa jets pump, which we inherited from the last owner of the house, froze. From the label, I think it was model SP1615Z1M. It was a 2 HP Hayward Super Pump. (The labels for the new...
  23. New Pool Jets Pump label.jpg

    New Pool Jets Pump label.jpg

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    Old Pool Jets Pump.jpg

  25. Earthman Bob

    OK to Empty Spa 3 weeks after Plastering?

    I do. Actually, both the pool and spa are elevated from the pool equipment, not to mention 100 feet away. So when I'm troubleshooting and running back and forth between the equipment and the pool, it's a good workout! Unfortunately, I'll have to do a bit of digging to get to reach bare pipe to...
  26. Earthman Bob

    OK to Empty Spa 3 weeks after Plastering?

    FYI, the leak was the result of a failing check valve.
  27. Earthman Bob

    OK to Empty Spa 3 weeks after Plastering?

    Neto-- I can block the spa jets and drain at the equipment pad. But even when I do that there's water around that new jet pump. There doesn't seem to be nearly enough water there to account for the water loss. I can close the suction line (supply) to the new jet pump, with the valve. The...
  28. Earthman Bob

    OK to Empty Spa 3 weeks after Plastering?

    Great idea Herman! Sometimes the obvious answer is less then obvious in the moment :-)
  29. Earthman Bob

    OK to Empty Spa 3 weeks after Plastering?

    We had our pool replastered 3 weeks ago. I'd like to empty the spa for a day or so, to try to isolate a possible leak in the pipes. I could also do the test by putting plugs into the bottom drain in spa. The water loss started after I replaced a previously unused pump for jets to the spa. Those...
  30. Earthman Bob

    New Plaster, Threat of Rain, Water Truck

    That's an interesting idea. I just noticed the link you sent. What a great thing to have any time you want to do pool work... I hate wasting all that water. For our job, on the positive side, I'm guessing it will be done on Monday, when there seems to be little threat of rain.