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  1. Arizonarob

    Garden Hose Reel

    So, I’m in search of a good quality hose reel for my garden hose. I’m sick of those Suncast ones that break in like a year or two. I need something that can withstand the AZ sun and won’t self destruct. Anyone have a good one they found??
  2. Arizonarob


    @Leebo Fix my Giphy button and there won’t be any trouble. 🤨
  3. Arizonarob

    Matt’s dream has arrived!

    @JoyfulNoise Well Matt, you’ve waited a long time, but it’s finally here. Pack the car, round up the kids, and don’t forget to feed the critters before you hit the road. Bob Ross Museum Opens
  4. Arizonarob

    Utility trailer fitment question.

    Alright boys and girls, here’s my dilemma. At my house I have a 8ft wide double gate. That gate is mounted to block wall therefore reducing the opening to 92” wide. My problem is I need to purchase a utility trailer for my side-buh-side that is 97” from outside fender to outside fender. Anyone...
  5. Arizonarob

    Gator on Gator crime on the rise.

    Family finds alligator relaxing on alligator pool float in Florida — Fox News
  6. Arizonarob

    Need to figure out concrete pitch.

    Ok, so for the life of me I can’t seem to wrap my head around the correct way to get a final solution. The hot tub that I’m putting in is 7ft wide and can have no more then a 1” tilt across its width. The concrete pad that I’m pouring will be 12ft wide with a 2” pitch for drainage. If I place...
  7. Arizonarob

    220 conduit size?

    I’m about to start on a concrete project that requires some electrical conduit run. I need to know the proper size conduit to run for a 220v line from a 50 amp sub panel mounted on the side of the house, to its final destination approximately 25 feet away. The conduit will be buried 18” below...
  8. Arizonarob

    Why are the lights out?

    @Leebo Are we saving electricity by having the site in black? I thought my phone was in dark mode at first.
  9. Arizonarob

    Great price on Keter 150 gallon deck box.

    I have alerts set up on Camel to notify me when prices drop on things I’m watching. Right now on Amazon the Keter 150 gallon deck box in brown is $112.99, this is a fantastic price as it’s been as high as $179.00. I have one and it’s a great big size to hold all kinds of pool & patio stuff. So...
  10. Arizonarob

    Happy New Year!!

    Well, another decade finished up, time for a new one. Happy 2020!
  11. Arizonarob

    I laughed at this picture all day!

    I saw this picture online, and every time I thought about it I started dying!! :laughblue:
  12. Arizonarob

    Hot tub temp?

    What is the lowest temperature you can safely run a stand alone hot tub? I’m asking because, my pool will hover in the low 90’s during the summer, and I’d like to be able to use the hot tub during the summer as well, without it being hot.
  13. Arizonarob

    Thinking of buying a stand alone hot tub.

    Alright boys-n-girls, my wife and I are discussing purchasing a hot tub, and I’d like some feedback from folks that have them. I have very little (ok none) knowledge on these things, and I’d like to know what to get, and what to avoid? I’m not about to listen to salespeople for advice, so what...
  14. Arizonarob

    As soon as Amazon starts stocking these.......

    I’m ordering one!!! I’ll be able to buzz down to Tucson on Tuesdays (that’s the day @JoyfulNoise goes shopping at Costco) and “adjust” Matt’s FC from 200ft up!! (I think you better crank up your SWG a wee bit)
  15. Arizonarob

    My Condolences......

    ...... to all you Jim Beam fans. Sorry for your loss. ? A Jim Beam warehouse filled with 45,000 barrels of bourbon caught fire
  16. Arizonarob

    And you think your pet is tough?

    Mine works out daily!! Yeah, that’s right, he’s buff! :ROFLMAO:
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    On a never ending quest to stop people from receiving bogus pool store advice, I’ve come up with a simple solution to drive people to this site to receive proper pool care knowledge. It will require volunteers in every state to stand in close proximity to their local pool store, and do the...
  18. Arizonarob

    OTA Antenna?

    Anyone using a HD OTA antenna for their local channels? If so, how do you like it? Good reception? Plenty of channels? How was the install? Easy? Painful? Where did you mount it? Inside? Outside? Reason I’m asking. I’ve always had Dish, and I received an email from them saying they are giving...
  19. Arizonarob

    Checking links

    Don’t mind me, just seeing what I can break. A A A
  20. Arizonarob

    Should I SLAM?

    So the past couple of weeks my FC has been up and down daily, instead of a consistent amount. My CC all of a sudden has gone from zero (where it’s always been since taking over the pool) to 0.5 to 1 this morning. There’s no visible sign of anything in the water, or on any surfaces in the pool...
  21. Arizonarob

    New Coke

    All right, I’ll bight, what’s the story? @Bama Rambler
  22. Arizonarob

    Testing gallery links.

    Let me know if you can see 3 photos, or just links show up.
  23. Arizonarob

    Filter Unions Question

    So, it’s that time for me to clean my cartridge filter. My equipment pad is not a very big area to work in, so it dawned on me to just pull the filter out completely. So my plan is to de pressurize the filter, pull the drain plug, then unscrew the unions and remove. My question is, do those...
  24. Arizonarob

    Marty is a rebate??

    So I googled “Maytronics rebates” to see when they are going to run their rebates this year, and our very own Marty @mknauss shows up as part of the search page. Just think Marty, you’re a web celebrity!! :laughblue:
  25. Arizonarob

    Calibrating Digital PH Meter

    So I picked up the digital PH meter from to do quick testing this season, and the thing needs to be calibrated. Problem is, it’s needing a 250ml glass beaker to do it. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, (except for @JoyfulNoise who probably drinks coffee out of them in the...
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    One thing I’m beginning to notice is the emojis seem to not be limited to only what’s available on this site. I’ve been seeing emojis that are available on the iPhone showing up in people’s posts, and I’m wondering if it shows up to only people that have iPhones, or is it viewable from Android...
  28. Arizonarob

    Just testing out pics

  29. Arizonarob

    Ohhhh so nice!!

    I like the new house, nice and roomie in here. :geek: