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  1. DiverGirl1972

    Solar Covers Online

    I bought mine from Amazon too. Once I trimmed the outside to shape, I cut the whole thing into 4 smaller pieces. This way, one person (me! lol) can easily remove it and put it back on without help.
  2. DiverGirl1972

    Liquid chlorine shelf life

    To share my recent experience.... Last year, I stocked up on 10% in the Spring as the pandemic got rolling. Not too long after, I decided to just go ahead and get a swg. I gave a lot of it away, but I kept some of it in case I needed to boost my levels for heavy usage or whatever. Mine was...
  3. DiverGirl1972

    Is my new Warrior SE a lemon?

    Hi Jim, thanks for the response. Yes, when I turn it on, it moves forward a little bit and you can see water coming out and bubbling at the surface. It then moves backward and stays there for 7 - 10 seconds and then moves on its way. As I said, the stairs aren't really a major issue. I usually...
  4. DiverGirl1972

    Is my new Warrior SE a lemon?

    Longish post - sorry... I recently bought a new Warrior SE when our Tigershark died at the start of the season. We had the Tigershark since we bought the home, as the owner was kind enough to leave it behind, so it’s the one I’ve ever owned. I loved that thing. Other than getting hung up on the...
  5. Shallow end staining.jpeg

    Shallow end staining.jpeg

  6. Shallow end debris.jpeg

    Shallow end debris.jpeg

  7. DiverGirl1972

    Hi from North East Pennsylvania

    Welcome, fellow PA (soon to be) pool owner! :wave: This website rocks....I wouldn't want to own a pool without it.
  8. DiverGirl1972

    Bowing Walls

    I'm no AGP expert, but I figured I'd give you a bump so that someone who is can chime in!
  9. DiverGirl1972

    Bird 🦅 droppings

    I have nothing to offer you other than my empathy! I am going through this right now as well (for the 4th year in a row) and it's miserable. I have posted in the past multiple times about my struggle with this and I've tried a LOT of things without success. This year, I bought Bird XPeller Pro...
  10. DiverGirl1972

    Question about Beach Entry

    As an avid diver who hasn't traveled since Jan 2020, I did a pool dive last year! lol I initially went in to take a closer look at some stains and take some pictures of them... and then I just stayed down there a while with my eyes closed, listening to my bubbles :)
  11. DiverGirl1972

    Coming chlorine shortage? - It is Here!

    I did a similar thing last year. After the pandemic got rolling, I was getting concerned about chlorine shortages going into the summer. In May, I bought like 32 jugs of 10% and put it in my (dark, 69 degree-ish) basement. A few weeks later, after a lot of thought/debate, we decided to pull the...
  12. DiverGirl1972

    Marina Supply - Response Time

    We discovered that our robot died upon opening last Wednesday. It was the one we inherited with the house 4 years ago. As I just didn't feel like spending a day researching robots and wanted one fast, I remembered the name Marina Pool & Spa recommended from this site. Called mid-day, got right...
  13. DiverGirl1972

    New startup SWG

    Nothing to add, really, but just wanted to say hello to a fellow York County'er! We bought our SWG last year and absolutely love it - you will too once you get it dialed in. It takes a little trial and error at first, but it made pool care SO EASY last year. Enjoy! :wave:
  14. DiverGirl1972

    Will chemicals keep toads out of pool?

    I keep my pool at the proper chemical levels, but it's never stopped the toads (or the frogs). We do have a "frog pond" about 20 - 25 ft from our pool, so they tend to stay (and breed) there, but every once in a while they make their way into the big pool for a swim. We also use frog logs to...
  15. DiverGirl1972

    Losing Prime

    Hi Mike, I'm no expert in this area, but here is an older thread about a similar issue. Might give you some ideas to trouble shoot while the experts chime in!
  16. DiverGirl1972

    What would you do? Opening intex pool. Water clear. Debris on bottom

    Comparing your current pool pictures versus the picture in your profile (which looks TFP clear), I'd say you're not quite there yet. Stay the course!
  17. DiverGirl1972

    Pool plaster changed color

    Hi Teen124, not trying to dredge up the past, but a couple of years ago, many ppl on here told you that you should not be using the mineral system because it can cause staining, and it doesn't seem that you heeded that advice. If you are truly interested in having a 'trouble-free pool', then it...
  18. DiverGirl1972

    Polywood Furniture

    Our original plan was to order from LPP...we have been looking at their furniture for a couple of years! Apparently, a lot of other people suddenly had the same plan and called before we did! lol The guy was so nice, but at the time wouldn't even give me an estimate when they'd be able to...
  19. DiverGirl1972

    Polywood Furniture

    We bought this 5-piece set at the beginning of last summer and love it! The tables and chairs are quite heavy and have never moved at all during summer storms (of course, the umbrella is another story, so we have to keep an eye on that). We moved it under the patio overhang this winter, but I'm...
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  21. DiverGirl1972

    Grackle Season

    Well, I just bought this thing.... though I found it on Amazon (version 2 for the grackles) for about $40.00 less than their website, so that made me feel a little bit better! lol I guess we'll see how it goes! Honestly, my hopes are quite low, as there have been countless other examples of...
  22. DiverGirl1972

    Grackle Season

    I've posted in previous years about our struggles with these birds and their darn :poop: sacs. The trees that surround our property line are very tall, multi layers deep, are behind a fence and not on our property. We've tried SO many things, to no avail. I truly feel there is just no fighting...
  23. DiverGirl1972

    Some morning pool humor

    Saw this on a facebook pool made me laugh out loud! :LOL:
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  25. DiverGirl1972

    Taylor 2006 small size

    If I'm testing TA, CH, FC or salt, I'm using the speedstir. Every time. I'm just a lowly pool owner.
  26. DiverGirl1972

    Confession Time!

    One evening last year, I went outside and noticed I needed to top off my pool. It was still pretty "early" for me, maybe 9pm, so I turned on the hose and made a mental note to go back out in an hour or so. Well, I fell asleep in a comfy chair and when I woke up at 5am, I suddenly sat up and was...
  27. DiverGirl1972

    Semi inground pool, one straight wall leaning outward

    Do you have a picture to show what's going on? Might be helpful...
  28. DiverGirl1972

    New pool placement

    Great news, Casey! Congratulations!!
  29. DiverGirl1972

    Pool Cleaners (robot, etc)- how long have you had yours?

    I have a Hayward Tigershark and have owned it since the day we moved into our home with a pool (3 years tomorrow!). The old owners left it for us, which was appreciated. I have no experience with any other model, but I love this thing. I run it 2 - 3 times per week and it lives in the pool 24/7...
  30. DiverGirl1972

    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    I have been meaning to come back and donate again so thank you for the reminder of what goes into making this site the awesome place it is! TFP has not only taught me how to effectively manage my pool and has saved me tons of $$ along the way, it brings me a sense of "security" that if things...