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  1. Arizonarob

    TFP Meet the Expert!

    I never knew @JoyfulNoise was George Costanza’s stunt double. 🤷‍♂️
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    What's the hottest your pool gets?

    Just a shade sail.
  3. Arizonarob

    What's the hottest your pool gets?

    96!! Friggin desert!!
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    TFP Meet the Expert!

    So it’s the first annual TFP expert roast? I’ll see if Gilbert Gottfried can host.
  5. Arizonarob

    Softub motor cycling on and off repeatedly

    If your tub is only 2 years old, call Softub and start a warranty claim. The tubs come with a 5 year warranty.
  6. Arizonarob

    Garden Hose Reel

    A friend of mine owns a shipping container company, what used to cost $1500 a container to ship, now costs $5000. Covid has disrupted supply lines around the globe.
  7. Arizonarob

    Garden Hose Reel

    Yeah, cost on materials has sky rocketed since the Covid stuff started.
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    Inge from SWVA!

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    Garden Hose Reel

    I might have to go the Eley route. I was thinking I could make a “dog house” to park it in when not in use. 🤔
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    Replacing the light inground pool

    Yup, as stated above. You can also go to Home Depot and buy some “pull lube”, you will find it in the electrical dept by the wire snakes. Also, it is advised to tie a pull string around the other end of the wire you are pulling out, that way, as the old wire is pulled out of the conduit, you’ll...
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    Replacing the light inground pool

    You will need 2 people to remove the existing wire from the conduit when it’s stuck. Cut the wire off the light bulb, then try pulling the cable from that side. With the other person on the opposite side, work the cable in both directions. If all else fails, hire a professional pool repair...
  12. Arizonarob

    Garden Hose Reel

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve looked at those types, but unfortunately with the hose being exposed to the sun, the sun would destroy the hose very quickly. I need to find something that is enclosed.
  13. Arizonarob

    Garden Hose Reel

    So, I’m in search of a good quality hose reel for my garden hose. I’m sick of those Suncast ones that break in like a year or two. I need something that can withstand the AZ sun and won’t self destruct. Anyone have a good one they found??
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    Hello all!

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    Electric pool fence!!

    This sounds like a Ren & Stimpy episode.
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    New pool owner

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