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  1. Richard320

    Chlorinated lake

    Not far from where I live there is a lake called Puddingstone Reservoir. All around the lake there are signs warning about the quantity of fish you catch that you should eat, because of some algae in the water. There are some backwater stretches where the water looks so green and sludgy you...
  2. Richard320

    Deleting images

    I ended up with a whole bunch of duplicate images and albums and I can't find the delete function. I can create new album,s and edt albums, but not de;ete then. I found where to crop and mirror images. I can't find action>delete. @Leebo ?
  3. Richard320

    Terrific side dish for backyard barbeque

    A friend of mine posted one of those cooking videos on facebook of this, and it looked good, so I made it. It's now a regular item on our menu. I found that the parsley didn't add much but some color, so I deleted it. An extra green onion makes up for some of that. I also tried adding half a...
  4. Richard320

    Today, August 31, is special

    NATIONAL DIATOMACEOUS EARTH DAY - August 31 - National Day Calendar
  5. Richard320

    Toga Party with Otis Day & The Knights

    For real!
  6. Richard320

    Not unlike the CYA test

  7. Richard320

    A win-win situation

    My pool is seriously overloaded with CH, so some water replacement -- while I still can, before restrictions come back-- is called for. At the same time, I'm suffering from a slow drain. The kitchen sink is way off at the end of a 2" side branch without much pitch. So today I emptied the spa...
  8. Richard320

    None of us is immune

    It's been about a month since I ran all the tests, so this morning I settled in at the patio table with my TF100 to do it all. pH 7.4 FC 3.0 CC 0 TA 20 What????? :shock: Hold it right there! Two drops and it's as bright a pink as I've ever seen any test. Within the space of a couple...
  9. Richard320

    Powerless yet amused

    So I'm staying at a hotel. Checked in late last night. View out the window is the pool and spa. Looked nice from the third floor. I can see the equipment area... two enormous sand filters and dual pumps. This morning we had a window seat at breakfast. I see the pool guy come out with the net...
  10. Richard320

    My water got hazy all the sudden

    Yes, it's true. But it's already improving some. What happened? I brushed> Thoroughly. I have to confess I've been slacking a bit... I have brushed the upper parts of the wall that I can reach easily with the short (broken long) pole and I've vacuumed the floor, but I got lazy and didn't brush...
  11. Richard320

    Picture test

    Reference too obscure?
  12. Richard320

    This really happened to me

  13. Richard320

    Finally some real rain!

    My CH has just kept creeping up, and the water restrictions are still in place, but all this recent rain has really made a difference! CH peaked at 1300. I managed to replace several inches a couple weeks ago, and some more over this past weekend. Todays test result: 775 CH. It hasn't been...
  14. Richard320

    Website mot responding 4/1/16

    I keep getting this message: This site can’t be reached Pool School - TFP Home Page took too long to respond. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT And when I do get the website after a refresh, it hangs.
  15. Richard320

    Free water from the sky!

    It's been a while since we had some good rainfall in SoCal. The last storm delivered about 3/4". But by using the raingutter downspout extension I added closer to 2½" of Calcium-free water to my pool. And now it is dumping again, faster than I can pump it out via a garden hose. A small...
  16. Richard320

    Homemade sun rings

    I'm tired of my pool cooling down too much, and I hated messing with the solar blanket while it lasted. I thought about sun rings. Someone a year or two ago made some at home using hulahoops and polyethylene. I thought about it and remembered that I have plenty of polyethylene drip irrigation...
  17. Richard320

    Bold and Italic not displaying

    Ran into this trying to emphasize something by using italics and ended up eliminating the italics because it appeared the i command meant invisible rather than italic... I just now checked one of my replies to recall what I'd said, and it's gibberish! The bold has vabished now.Zero Chlorine...
  18. Richard320

    possible addition to poolschool

    - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Hmm, looks like it needs some fine tunning....
  19. Richard320

    How to pronounce pH

  20. Richard320

    Come on, rain!

    This big Pineapple Express storm is supposed to dump a couple inches of rain here in the wee hours of the morning. Free, Calcium-free water. Partial drain is in progress to make some room for it. All I can say is, they better not be lying to me!
  21. Richard320

    What's all this talk about closing?

    Why close the pool? The water was 83F and felt great.
  22. Richard320

    Too much for the leaf rake

  23. Richard320

    Pool Noodles for a buck!

    The 99¢ only store near me has pool noodles for a buck! They're a little skinnier than the more expensive ones, but who cares? They're only a buck!
  24. Richard320

    Recovering my old inspirational links

    First Time Shocking with Bleach Pretty black pool A little encouragement for those with algae and new to BBB Frog Filled Green Swamp to Oasis---Work in Progress!!! Before and After Pool Pics Before and after! A final picture set of how well the BBB method works! Converting In Ga.
  25. Richard320

    No videos allowed?

    I just tried to post Nip it in the bud and I realized, it won't let me. Permanent feature or oversight?
  26. Richard320

    Am I gonna have to reload all of these? Some got deleted!

    Some of my masterpieces may be lost in the internet ether now.
  27. Richard320

    His pool is clean

    At least once a year, my wife hosts a pink pool party - women only, no men or cameras allowed. So she started planning. Then she thought she'd also invite our sister-in-law and her many (I think 8, maybe more) sisters to come swimming some other time since my brother-in-law's pool is still...
  28. Richard320

    TDS Discussion

    Just what ARE these TDS? And why are they so dangerous? And how come I've managed to maintain a crystal clear algae-free pool for three years solid , nights, weekends, and holidays included without ever once knowing what my TDS level is? You're In the Industry - explain this, please.
  29. Richard320

    How do I get this out of my pool?

  30. Richard320

    testing something