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  1. proavia

    Adding tags to your post

    Tesing adding tags to a post
  2. proavia

    Watched threads - and un-watching them

    I am trying to un-watch multiple threads. From the Watched Threads page, it appears that you should be able to click on the box on the right side to select multiple thread and then go to the bottom to select what you want to do with these multiple threads - however, clicking the box sends you to...
  3. proavia

    Mark forums read

    Up until this morning there was a "Mark forums read" option in the left Forums drop down menu. Has that been moved somewhere else or totally removed? Using Chrome on Android 7.1.1
  4. proavia

    After the updates/maintenance of a few days ago, resolves to the activity stream page instead of the site home page. Checked in both IE11 and Chrome. This may confuse new folks when first coming to the site
  5. proavia

    PM Read??

    Not really a forum issue per se. ...... Is there a way to determine if a PM I sent was read by the intended recipient? Obviously, if they respond, I know they've read it. But if they don't respond, I don't see an option to see if the PM was read. TIA!
  6. proavia

    Pool pump advise

    Trying to help my daughter decide how to proceed with replacing/fixing her seized pool pump. Current pump: Wet end resembles a MaxFlo (looking at the strainer cover)(looks original to pool) Motor is a Northstar HP1.5 SF1.6 (a rebuild that came with the house when she bought it 1 year ago)...
  7. proavia

    TF-100 - Test Results

    I've been lurking around here for a couple months, after finding this wonderful site while researching something for my daughters pool. Decided to give your way a try and went through Pool School in an attempt to make caring for my own pool easier. Received my TF-100 and Speedstir on Wednesday...