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  1. Nikilyn

    What's your robot's name?

    Wondering what everyone named their robot. Ours is Pumba. I think of it as a pool roomba so we combined the two words 😊. We're a Disney family so it fits 😉.
  2. Nikilyn

    Percentage vs ppm

    I’m a bit confused about these 2 things. I read in people’s recommendations about changing your salt output to a certain ppm but the only setting I see for my IC40 is a percentage. Does mine have a ppm setting that I haven’t found on the app that I really need to check? Or is that for a...
  3. Nikilyn

    How often do you do each of the tests?

    I don’t do all of them each time I test but I’m wondering if I should be doing some of them more often. I don’t remember seeing that in Pool School but I could have missed it.
  4. Nikilyn

    Outside clock help

    We bought a clock at Lowe’s for out by the pool. We just put a nail in the side of the house and hung it up. We just had a big wind come thru and I heard it crash to the ground at 12:30am 😒. We obviously need a different kind of clock, one that attaches better or won’t break, but I don’t want...
  5. Nikilyn

    I don't understand my salt level test

    I just got the K-1766. I did the test and it came to 4800 but I don't know what that means. The chart on the enclosed paper is not very helpful.
  6. Nikilyn

    Chlorine level differences

    For some reason our chlorine levels have been going down quick, which is probably because we're swimming more and it's getting hotter. Last night I checked and it was 2 so I upped the percent to 60%. As I was checking the pH I decided to use the block tester to see if levels were up and worth...
  7. Nikilyn

    Muriatic acid questions

    So the MA I've been using came from our pool consultant from the wholesale pool supply. It's 31% but we can't get it anymore because it's wholesale. I went to get some from Lowe's yesterday and when I opened it I saw it was yellow instead of clear. Then I looked and saw it was only 14%. I...
  8. Nikilyn

    Help with TA

    My TA is at 130 so I lowered the pH and aerated to lower it like Pool Math said. The pH came up but the TA is still the same. Should I do it again? And what will happen with the TA that high? What exactly makes the TA rise?
  9. Nikilyn

    How do you get the jet covers off?

    We have a piece of plaster stuck in one of our jets but we can't figure out how to get the cover off. Any ideas?
  10. Nikilyn

    Where do you put the power supply for your robot?

    When you’re robot is in use, and in between uses, what do you do with the power box? We have an outlet on the fence at one end of the pool and we’ve just been setting it on a rock but I don’t like it. Plus, if we don’t take it in every time we use it then it’s just sitting out. I’ve been...
  11. Nikilyn

    Which salt number to use

    When I test salt with the strips it says 4000 but my SWG says 3450 on the app. The lights on the SWG keep flashing between green and red because it says we have low salt because it isn't 3600. On here I've been told to shoot for 3200. I thought I read that what the machine says isn't accurate...
  12. Nikilyn

    How do we adjust the amount of chlorine being made?

    We have the Intellichlor and I just tested my water and it's at 7. How do we dial that down? We did o/b so we didn't get a great tutorial in using it.
  13. Nikilyn

    Trying to get balanced

    I'm trying to set up pool math but I can't figure out what this is.
  14. Nikilyn

    Trying to start up my pool and getting conflicting answers

    We are o/b so don't have a PB to ask. Our consultant is giving us different info than what we're getting from the start up guy and plumber and electrician. Pool was filled on Saturday. Start up guy came today but breakers were off. He wouldn't turn them on so hubby did. But that means the...
  15. Nikilyn

    Tested fill water for first time

    I got my TF-100 test kit last week and decided to test our water for practice. No chlorine No CYA PH- off the chart CH-25 TA- 190 or 200 The TA is one I had questions about. It says, until it turns red. Does that mean barely red or full red? Here's the pics. In my kit they substituted the...
  16. Nikilyn

    How long does the TF-100 last?

    We need to purchase a test kit for the pool we are building. My husband asked how often we'll need to buy a kit. What about the XL? It seems like it would be a better deal to buy the bigger kit. Are there any drawbacks to buying that one?
  17. Nikilyn

    Best jet set up

    We will be having our pool plumbing done this week and want to know what is the best set up for the jets in the hot tub. We are getting 12. We figured they would just be spaced evenly around the spa but the layout guy suggested having them placed so that they are in twos spaced about 6” apart...
  18. Nikilyn

    How often do you brush your pool?

    I’m asking this because I just had an interesting conversation with a friend about it. She is building a fiberglass pool, which is rare here in AZ. Her reason is that they have had concrete pools for 15 years and she’s tired of brushing the pool for an hour everyday. It’s been awhile since we’ve...
  19. Nikilyn

    Help me understand what I just watched on YouTube

    I was watching a video of a Diamond Brite install. I know nothing about the product but figured it would either be like the plaster or pebble finishes I’ve watched. Not really. First, the mixed it in big buckets in the pool with a drill paddle mixer then tossed buckets of it into the pool. Then...
  20. Nikilyn

    What is an air blower in a spa for?

    We were just comparing our bids to a friend's and he has an air blower in his spa but we don't and both were drawn up by the same person. We don't know if we want one or need one.
  21. Nikilyn

    Show me your equipment enclosures

    We are trying to figure out how to hide the equipment, especially from the sun. It will be on the south side of the house against the fence. It will get sun all day so we need something to cover it but be removable. We are planning on using the same block as the wall for the sides. Not sure...
  22. Nikilyn

    O/B in Gilbert, AZ for 2nd time

    I finally get to start my build thread :). We just got our plans back yesterday and started getting bids today. 🥳 Background, back in 2006 we built our own pool, which we sadly only had for 2 seasons before moving. Our friend's brother consults o/bs, draws their pool, gets it engineered...