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    Loosing CYA and chlorine

    Having a problem with CYA. My CYA Level 19 days ago was 45 PPM. Recently my chlorine level has been dropping upwards of 5 ppm during the day. I did a OCLT and it went from 5 to 4.6 so it passed. So I went ahead and tested my CYA and it was 25 PPM. I added stabilizer and got it back up to 40 PPM...
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    Lights turning on and off randomly

    I have an Hayward Omnilogic system that controls my pool and spa lights. I have the lights on a schedule to come on at 8:30 and shut off at 10:00. Sitting by the pool last night I noticed that after about 20 minutes the pool lights shut off but spa light stayed on. Then about 10 minutes or so...
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    Chlorine Loss

    Thanks to this forum and the pool math app I have finally dialed in and balanced my pool water. latest results as follows. FC 4.0 added 20 oz 10% liquid chlorine to get chlorine to target level of 5. CC 0 PH 7.5 TA 60 CH 260 CYA 40. Everything has been going good pool water is looking very...
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    Newly filled pool

    Hey guys since I can’t get my pool builder to answer phone or communicate back, I thought I would get on here and ask a question. We just got our pool plastered with Stonescapes mini pebble and finished filling up pool last night. We have not gone through pool school so no pumps or anything is...
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    Storing shock chlorinator

    I have seen about storing MA outside in a container away from everything. What about shock chlorinator and chlorine tablets? Can I store in laundry room? Attached is what I have. Thanks.
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    Was talking to a guy at work today about pool care and he said he used to get algae all the time and now he using PoolRX and has never had another problem. What are your thoughts on this product?
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    Hello from Houston, TX

    Hello everyone. I am just about done with pool construction. This will be first pool I haver ever had. I am glad to find this very informative forum and look forward to learning from everyone's experience.
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    Using bleach

    Ok so my pool is just about to be finished. I have been doing alot of reading on cleaning, chemical balance etc. This may be a dumb question, but I keep seeing to use bleach instead of chlorine. Does this mean that I do not put any tablets into my inline chlorinator?