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  1. kcindc

    Lightning Fried Some Pool Components

    I suffered what I believe is lightning damage. An electrician that is familiar with pool electrical and inspected my system and made recommendations. He isn't a pool guy per say, so I want to make sure that I'm not overlooking any potential damage that has not yet been noticed. I haven't...
  2. kcindc

    Home Depot Bulk Salt Sale

    The Home Depots in my area have Diamond Crystal Solar Salt on sale for $5.62 if you buy 6 or more. My regular price is $6.24.
  3. kcindc

    De filter leaking de

    Upon my attempt to open my pool this year, I had de leaking back into the pool. I replaced my entire filter assembly( grids, manifold). I’m still getting de back into the pool. The multi port valve and its o rings are seated properly. The new grids appear to not be damaged and they appear to...
  4. kcindc

    Quality Pool Poles? Average life expectancy?

    Is it me, or do pool poles only last a few years. It looks like mine has lasted 6 years. The tip where there are holes for the attachments just seem to get bent/stretched out so that my attachments no longer stay attached. Any tips/tricks or quality poles? Thanks!
  5. kcindc

    Remodel 1980s A&S Pool Northern Virginia

    This is the official start of my pool remodel thread. I'll upload some photos later tonight for the "before" pics. My pool is an original 1980s Anthony & Sylvan lazy L with an attached spa. Everything is original including the painted plaster... well, what remains of the paint and plaster...
  6. kcindc

    Leak pvc joint

    I have a leak. I was loosing water and had a pool company pressure test my lines. They made some repairs near the skimmers. A few days later, I noticed a new above ground leak where the main return line connects to the Polaris plumbing. At first it was a tiny drop every few seconds and now it...
  7. kcindc

    Spa light junction eliminate

    My spa light has a junction box the sits in the middle of the yard. It is an eye sore and a tripping hazard. I need to replace the spa light as it doesn't work (rusted water inside probably circa 1980s). Is there a way to eliminate this and marry up the two conduits below ground without having...
  8. kcindc

    Recommended Repair Company in the Wash DC Metro

    I have a large leak in my underground lines and looking for a recommendation for a company in the Washington DC metro region. I know from a prior patch repair that I have flex lines that are circa 1980s and are in terrible shape, so I want to just replace them all and start anew. The company...
  9. kcindc

    Installing SWG, wiring to intermatic timer

    I just purchased the CircuPool RJ -60. I'm so excited! I have two intermatic timers. One is for the pump and heater and runs off 240. The other timer is 110 and is for the Polaris booster pump which I no longer use (I recently bought a robot making the booster pump moot). The problem is...
  10. kcindc

    Pulled trigger on Robot, Polaris booster pump reuse?

    I finally pulled the trigger on the Dolphin Triton Plus robot to replace my Polaris 3900 Sport that breaks down once a season for a variety of reasons. Not sure what to do with my old booster pump. I see some Polaris fountains that can be hooked up to the booster. Has anyone tried any of...
  11. kcindc

    Jandy check value screws spin causing suction air leak

    So my pool closing company decided to twist my Jandy check valves when they closed the pool. I'm guessing this would allow any water intrusion to move freely. I moved them back to the right direction and several screws just spin and I now have a suction side air leak. Can I use something like...
  12. kcindc

    Tree removal soon, leave mesh cover on closed pool?

    I have been removing several mature tulip poplar trees every year since I purchased my house a few years ago. Tulip poplars are the largest trees east of the Mississippi. I finally bit the bullet and will be removing about 15 mature tulip poplars. Several of these trees overhang the pool and...
  13. kcindc

    Old pressure gauge label

    I had to replace my pressure gauge and never noticed the label until I took the gauge off the filter and took it to my pool store. Everyone there had a great laugh and took photos. One employee wanted to buy it from me.
  14. kcindc

    Considering converting to a SWG

    I am currently a jug tosser and I've been considering adding a SWG. I apologize in advance, but I'm trying to determine the parts needed to make the conversion and I don't know the parts needed. I know an electrician, but he doesn't have any pool equipment knowledge. I plan to buy the parts...
  15. kcindc

    How to Remove Metal Balls from Nature 2 Fusion

    I was asked before how I removed the metal from my Nature 2 Fusion mineral cartridge and I found an old one thought I would take some photos so that it might help others in a similar situation. The Nature 2 Fusion mineral pack adds copper and silver to your pool. Copper can stain your pool and...
  16. kcindc

    YMCA Pool in Edgewater MD Sends 35 to Hospitals

    Looks like a pump broke and dumped either a lot of MA or CL into the pool. Hope everyone makes a full recovery.
  17. kcindc

    Want to add borates and salt (to discourage drinking)

    I would like to add borates to my pool. However, I foster dogs and some of the dogs prefer the extra large water bowl that i call a pool. These dogs are only with me for a week to a month which is not long enough to train them not to drink from the pool. Also, some dogs are undergoing...
  18. kcindc

    I drank the pool water

    So, it has been raining and I've been doing my testing indoors. I use a Tervis tumbler to collect my water sample. I forgot to empty the glass after I was finished testing, fast forward a few hours and absentmindedly I drank about half a glass of pool water. It tasted just like the filtered...
  19. kcindc

    Replacing a Skimmer Weir

    I needed a new skimmer weir. I had no idea what size or brand I needed. I didn't have any way to hold the weir in place. I found a weir with a spring loaded hinge that will stay in place, but it was too wide. I took a hack saw and cut the weir to size. I also cut a little off the spring so...
  20. kcindc

    Replace Winter Cover

    I need to replace my meyco safety mesh cover. My cover has many holes that let in all kinds of debris and a few seams split when I removed it this spring. I always have leaves and other yard debris that fill the void between my coping and cover. I have many very large poplar and oak trees...
  21. kcindc

    Sealer for Aggregate Pool Deck

    I have an exposed aggregate pool deck that is 30+ years old. The prior owners didn't keep up with the maintanence and the exposed aggregate is really exposed and hurts my feet. In a few years, I plan to replace the deck, but want to add a sealant to soften the feel on my feet. I've heard...
  22. kcindc

    Drainable Trash Can

    I have several mature tulip poplars that overhang my pool. The cost to remove them is prohibitive at this time (8K each, :shock: ). To make matters worse, I will need to replace the skimmer plumbing lines since the previous owner dropped chlorine tabs which crimped the line. :hammer: In...
  23. kcindc

    Power for Outdoor Speakers

    I'm struggling with the details in putting together my outdoor audio system. I'm pretty ignorant of all things audio. Here is what I have purchased thus far: Two TIC GS-3s speakers to put out by the pool ... ds=tic+gs3 two Yamaha NS-AW150W speakers (to...
  24. kcindc

    polaris 3900 not water in chimney doing donuts

    My Polaris 3900 w/booster pump is doing tight donuts and no water is out of the three jets that are in the chimney. There is plenty of water coming out of the tail the little dial jet that is below the tail. The dial jet thingy is set at the 11 o'clock position. I've tried adjusting the RPM...