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  1. DorsalSpine

    Solar gain from auto cover

    We are supposed to have some really warm weather for the next week or so. My water is 66 and I'd like to get as much solar gain as possible. I have a medium grey auto cover. I can leave the cover closed during the day or open it during the day and just cover it at night. My vote is keep it...
  2. DorsalSpine

    Solar Heat Gain

    I opened a couple of days ago to clear water again. Seven years running, thanks TFP. I have a dark grey auto cover. Will the pool head faster from the sun with the cover on or off? I've been leaving the cover off during the day and closing it at night. I know evaporation is responsible for...
  3. DorsalSpine

    Hot water surprise.

    We had some lightening that must have kicked off the pool pump sometime Thursday evening. I went to add chlorine Friday evening. After I backed the auto cover far enough to add chlorine I noticed the water wasn't moving over the return. I stuck my hand into the pool to check the flow at the...
  4. DorsalSpine

    Vertex 12.5% Chlorine

    Anybody know the date code for Vertex? C299004D This is my first swim season with the auto cover and I'm having problems with my chlorine levels. I'd thought I start with the date code first.
  5. DorsalSpine

    Critters in the Pool

    Birds, frogs, voles, mice, toads (who knew toads will drown) and the occasional chipmunk. The chipmunks have learned to stay out of the pool. The other things not so much. I've had raccoons leave muddy foot prints on the steps while they wash their dinner. In twenty years of having a pool in...
  6. DorsalSpine

    Hayward Compression Nuts

    I have an old Hayward inline chlorinator that I don't use. I'd like to just cap off the openings since the fittings are leaking. I can find replacement compression nuts but I just want a solid nut to cap the opening. I can't find anything. Suggestions are appreciated.
  7. DorsalSpine

    Powder turning purple

    Why does the FAS-DPD powder turn purple over time? Usually by the end of the season the powder is clumping up and turning purple. It still seems to work ok. I'm usually getting low by then so I just replace the kit with new every year. It is stored in a detached garage all summer. I do...
  8. DorsalSpine

    Opened to a leak at the light.

    I know people like pictures. I opened this year to missing water. Between a leak in the light niche and an old liner we decided a new liner was in the cards. I didn't think to take a picture before the guys pumped the pool and pulled the liner. The first two pictures are the pool with a new...
  9. DorsalSpine

    After second partial change.

    FC=2 TC=3 PH=7.6 TA=100 CH=225 CYA=60 Just finished my second partial water change last night. I have clear water and a small amount of visible algae. I can deal with the algae now that my CYA is finally below 100. It's still too high but I'm done changing water for this season. I put 2...
  10. DorsalSpine

    White water mold?

    FAS DPD kit on order, have Taylor 2005C kit. I shocked the pool with 5 pounds of cal-hypo last night (it's all I had). The pool was in the sun all day and I took these readings at 7:00 PM. FC = .5 - 1.0 TC = 1.5 - 2.0 PH = 7.0 - 7.2 TA = 300 CH = 375 - 400 CYA = 150 - 200 I have been reading...