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  1. CoolPool131

    IC 60 Reading versus Test Kit Reading

    Thanks all, the provided simple pool test kit is running out soon so looking to the better kits from Was using Spa yesterday evening after normal pool circulation through the day. IC60 reading 3050 today. Did not add salt.
  2. CoolPool131

    IC 60 Reading versus Test Kit Reading

    Intellicenter App was showing 2850, lowest it has been since opening the pool in Oct 2020. Took water down to Pinch a Penny, they were reading 3200. Generator was cleaned 1/5/21 but not much on the plates. Filter cleaned 1/18/21. Got some salt but not sure if I should put some or wait for...
  3. CoolPool131

    UltraTemp drips from front...normal?

    Thanks. I'll take a look at panel attachment.
  4. CoolPool131

    UltraTemp drips from front...normal?

    We are getting normal drainage from the black outlet drain valve on the back of the unit. We are getting elevated drainage from the front right side of the unit. Pool company hasn't gotten back to us but trying to figure out if this is normal or not. Note, in pictures, they rotated our unit...
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  7. CoolPool131

    Intellicenter Set Point Changing Everyday

    Thanks, I was noticing this too after setting up a schedule. Kept reverting back to 78 degrees. Firmware update fixed it.
  8. CoolPool131

    Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pump to Intellicenter

    Thanks, it appears it might have to go to J5 maybe.
  9. CoolPool131

    Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pump to Intellicenter

    Anyone know the connections of the pump (ULTRATEMP HIGH PERFORMANCE POOL HEAT PUMP 460833) to the Intellicenter ❓ A lot of the manuals don't even mention an Intellicenter hookup, just Intellitouch and Easy Center. Technician looks like he hooked to up to the Gas Heater plug with Green and White...
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  12. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Still balancing pool, no salt added yet, but all of sudden the Spa is missing on the Intellicenter control panel. It just has Pool, Features, and Lights now. After looking here, one other had this and the board had to be replaced. Yikes, this thing was just installed. Example shown below.
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  14. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Going to put rock beds around the whole cage with some type of palms on each corner. Yea, the dogs love the water 💦
  15. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Final cage grading. Still have some pavers that need replaced inside and outside.
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  19. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Yes, being our first pool, we like the way the colors turned out, always was second guessing on the all the choices! Ah, we didn't know the pool builder was giving us a pole and brush so I ordered one. We are keeping it, it does make brushing easier (y)
  20. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Initial Grading on outside of cage...continue to brush twice a day with the Wall Whale...pool specialist comes every four days...
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  24. CoolPool131

    Toe Tile or Step/Bench Markers

    Like JJ_Tex, gunite, the are not rough or uncomfortable.
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  26. CoolPool131

    Help settle a debate on color

    Just filled and adjusted. Chemist said we can make it look darker now if we want too but he says it looks good. Other half wants the pool to look like the shadowed area by the waterfall all over the place.
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  30. CoolPool131

    Pool Quotes - Melbourne, FL

    Color Pop, waterfall and spa spillover adjustments...