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  1. Glock

    Pump/filter stopped working - Need installer recommendation

    My pool build and all the specs are in my auto-signature. My filter and pump stopped working. I knew this day was coming and already have a new pump and filter. I also have all the needed plumbing to hard plumb it with cutoffs. I need a recommendation of someone I can trust to install this that...
  2. Glock

    Black Pentair union to Schedule 40?

    My new filter has these at the base of the cartridge filter. They are socket ends (no threads). Will schedule 40 glue right on or do I need to do something else? I have a set that are threaded inside rather than smooth.
  3. Glock

    Making some upgrades this year to my 18x34 Doughboy

    Some of you may remember me from my build back in July 2012. After going through some personal issues I am back to tending to my pool properly. First I had to balance the water after letting a floater with 3" tabs keep it algae free for almost 2 years. The readings were all over the place. The...
  4. Glock

    Replacing sand filter and need advice

    My pool is not very old (almost 4 yrs old) but the filter, pump and skimmer have been a real pain to work with. The spider valve is hard to turn, it leaks, the clear cap on the pump basket is cracked and extremely hard to get off. It constantly sucks air and when I connect my vacuum to it, it...
  5. Glock

    Lil' Shark in AGP with deepend - HELP!!

    Ok, I am a little frustrated now. I bought the lil shark because of all the great reviews. However, it gets in the deep end and won't come out. It won't climb the incline, not even the slight ramp to the shallow end. It cleans the heck out of the deep end but that is about it. It only came with...
  6. Glock

    Kreepy Krawly Lil' Shark

    I ordered one for my AGP. It should be here today or tomorrow. I hope it works better than my Ranger. My pool needs a good scrubbing for sure. Everything I read online says to open it, plug it in and let it go. Any advice or tips on this thing?
  7. Glock

    Bleach vs Easy Pour bleach

    I typically buy bleach from Wal-Mart. They recently changed their labels so I have been paying close attention to what I buy and what gets brought home by others in the house. I noticed today that I added "Easy Pour" bleach, a change in the bottle I had not noticed. All my other bottles say...
  8. Glock

    Not closing pool - Freeze question

    I am leaving my pool running year round again this winter. My question is, the temps here in Dallas seem to be getting lower sooner this year. This usually means we are in for a cold/bad winter. As long as my pump is running it will be fine right? Moving water can't freeze if I am not mistaken...
  9. Glock

    What happens when you run out of money for pool chemicals

    It's been awhile since I have posted. Been going through some things. Who isn't though, right? lol Anyway, I got separated in December and divorced in June. I got to keep the house, the kid, and the pool. Sadly, she got my flat screen TV. Anyway... been getting used to the single income...
  10. Glock

    I need a new pool vacuum or cleaner for my 18x34

    Ever since I bought my pool 3 years ago I have had to manually vacuum it. It came with a Ranger vacuum but every time I connect it to the skimmer it somehow takes in air and runs dry. It also runs itself into a corner and stays. I have tried different hoses too and nothing works. My ranger has...
  11. Glock

    1st winter without closing the pool

    This was my first winter here in Dallas not closing my AGP. With the exception of a prolonged power outage during a freeze it was rather uneventful. I got the feel of checking the chlorine periodically and found it rather easy to take care of. I did have an ingenious idea to leave the solar...
  12. Glock

    Didn't winterize this year, a few issues, have questions

    I chose to leave my pool operational this winter and for the most part its been a great idea. I had one day when the temps got down to about 18 and we had a 18 hour power outage. The lines started getting slushy and with no ETA on power restoral I had no choice but to disconnect the lines and...
  13. Glock

    Unexpected guests

    I had a couple of unexpected guests today that wanted to swim and I couldn't tell them no.
  14. Glock

    Backswimmers and Bioguard Backup

    I have a few of these bugs and was looking at buying some Bioguard Backup to kill them in the event they get bad like they did last year. But, its expensive and I would need alot of it. I read in a previous thread that any algaecide with 50 in the name would do the same. So, that being the case...
  15. Glock

    Reopen in Dallas yet?

    Hey everyone! Long time no post! Pool has been closed and I have been fighting the gun rights fight and that is all I will say so I don't step on any toes. Anyway, today got pretty warm here in Big D. Anyone out there reopen yet? I am afraid to look under the cover for fear of seeing a swamp...
  16. Glock

    Pool winterized - Now the real work starts

    Now that my pool is winterized I have some changes to make. I want to hard plumb it and bond it. I know how to bond it and have all the stuff. However, I need to know some things before I hard plumb. Other than the straight schedule 40 1.5" pipe, 45 and 90 degree pieces, the PVC cleaner and...
  17. Glock

    Closing pool today - Chlorine level

    I am closing mine today. The FC is at 7ppm right now. My OCLT has been 0-0.5ppm for the last 3 weeks. It will be several hours before I begin to drain as I need to finish trimming my solar cover to fit and attach it to the reel. So, what should I set me FC to? I have no pillows or polyquat to...
  18. Glock

    No chlorine in 5 days?

    My pool is still open. Water is at 60 degrees and has the solar cover on it right now. I have tested it daily and have not had to add bleach in 5 days. I know I should close it but I really want to wait a nother week. I need to order some pillows and polyquat but don't have the funds right now...
  19. Glock

    Oval pool solar cover

    I have an 18x34 and a solar cover laying in the yard,. I want to order this GLI in the 18' size. Good? Anyone have pics of their solar cover real installed on an above ground? ... -reel.aspx
  20. Glock

    Close pool?

    I live in Dallas. My water is at 74 and nobody in my house will get in it. Is it too early to close it? If not, do I just put polyquat in it, run the FC up to shock and run it for 24 hours and then drain and cover?
  21. Glock

    Winterizing and the filter

    I have a 24" filter with 350lbs of sand in it. I can't move it at all. Not even without water. When I winterize, can I just take off the valve, open the drain valve and cover the opening? I really don't want to move that. I might end up on CNN. :hammer:
  22. Glock

    I have algae again!

    What causes algae growth? I got sick awhile back and let my FC drop to 0 for a few days and got algae. I followed the steps, passed the OCLT and have kept my FC at atleast 5 since then. Today, I have algae again! The water is crystal clear and has been for a few weeks. I will get a set of...
  23. Glock

    Replacing test reagents - lifespan?

    I am replacing some reagents and I am tossing around the idea of buying 16oz bottles of them to save money. Are there any reagents in the Taylor K-2006 that I should not buy like this? It's not like the pool is going anywhere so I figure I might as well buy them. I used all my R-0871 shocking my...
  24. Glock

    Bleach shortage?

    This might be a moot point but I had a need for lots of bleach and had trouble finding the 182oz bottles anywhere. My wife ended up at Sam's and bought 21 bottles of the new 121oz 8.25% bottles. That was all she could get. She said they had 1 pallet left and people were grabbing it up, she got 7...
  25. Glock

    Sick for a week and now I have algae

    Well, I knew it couldn't last forever. I got sick and was down for the count for about a week with something bad and nobody else in my house seems to give a Dang about this 10k dollar investment but me. Ok, rant off. My pool got neglected and the pump did not run for two days. This resulted on...
  26. Glock

    3 days of kids - water levels unbalanced

    Every time a kid gets in I cringe because I know my chlorine is working overtime. But, its what its for right? Ok, so here are my current readings FC .5 CC 0 pH 7.8 TA 130 CH 130 CYA tubes fills up, black dot still visible. Guessing 10 as it is a little cloudy. I put 380oz of bleach in...
  27. Glock

    Fatal Funnel Wasp traps - Coming Review

    Just bought some of these. Yellow Jackets are taking over my swimming area. Will post my placement, recipe, and results when I have them. Anyone own these?
  28. Glock

    Problem with skimmmer/vacuum

    I have a Doughboy as in my signature. When I connect my vacuum to the port under the skimmer I get air bubbles coming in through that port, even with the vacuum not attached. I do blow the line to the vacuum out from the return to get rid of all the air prior to connecting it. I get so many...
  29. Glock

    First water problem - Little cloudy

    My fault but I always let me chlorine bottom out. It has always been crystal clear so i never gave it a thought. I check every other day and always have to get it back up to 5ppm from 0. Well, today I learned my lesson. I left my pump off. I usually turn it on about lunch time but today I...
  30. Glock

    Adjust TA?

    My most recent readings. I am adding 238oz of bleach to get to 6ppm. Would you adjust anything else? My TA seems to be going up. My Simple Pool app says to reduce my pH to 7.5 with acid and then aerate to increase pH. Pool calculator says it should be 70-90+ FC 1 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 120 CYA Not...