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  1. DorsalSpine

    Uncovered and unused for three years

    Depending on the depth of the pool, a partial pump down of the water level and high boots or chest high waders would work. I know I've spent enough time standing in knee deep water cleaning out culverts to get good at it. Deep water is a two man job since waders can drown you if you get it too...
  2. DorsalSpine

    Uncovered and unused for three years

    There are a lot of posts here of people successfully renovating/restoring pools. You might read some of them. You are going to spend a lot of time scooping out debris that's for sure. Given the sudden rise in pool popularity I'd hate to see it filled in.
  3. DorsalSpine

    Questions about Boric Acid

    20 Mule team Borax contains boric acid. As you noted it will also change your PH and TA. Use Pool math to figure out how to counteract that. The other approach is to purchase granular boric acid. This doesn't change your PH and TA. I've used both and prefer the boric acid over the Borax. I...
  4. DorsalSpine

    Chlorine Levels in relation to CYA Question

    I'd double check my CYA level again just to be sure.
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    solar cover

    Back when I had a solar cover it wasn't unusual for dew or a light rain to leave enough of a puddle on the cover to let algae grow. A long handled shop broom, a five gallon bucket with bleach water and a little elbow grease would solve that problem. I didn't have room to pull the cover into...
  6. DorsalSpine

    vacation question

    I often leave for a long weekend at our second home. I just run the FC up based on my average daily usage and number of day gone. Never had a problem with a two/three day absence.
  7. DorsalSpine

    Chlorine Levels in relation to CYA Question

    A light housing doesn't see much if any circulation. So it can be a breeding ground for algae. Opening it up and letting your high LC water in will do the trick.
  8. DorsalSpine


    Don't worry about phosphates. Wait until you have a good test kit and post some numbers. Trying to piecemeal this will just get you into problems. You need to treat the cause and not the symptoms so to speak.
  9. DorsalSpine

    Polywood Rocking Chairs

    True enough. I have retrieved some sling back chairs from the pool due to wind.
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    Need advice after "opening" pool

    You are not missing anything. For a pool to clear that fast it wasn't that bad to start with or someone is blowing smoke up your backside. A well maintained pool doesn't go bad overnight even if the pump is off. I closed mine in early October last year and opened it in early may. It was...
  11. DorsalSpine

    SLAM a neglected Pool

    The complete T100 test kit is exclusive. You can find a FAS-DPD kit at any number of places.
  12. DorsalSpine

    SLAM a neglected Pool

    They might have the kit. The problem is that they don't follow our methods and will try to upsell you on things you don't need. I'd go there to purchase the kit (if they have one) but I'd never trust their results over mine. I'd never trust their "advice" over anything I learned here...
  13. DorsalSpine

    Polywood Rocking Chairs

    We have two rockers. They are in the shade most of the time. The red color has held up. They work fine and are 2 - 3 years old now. No complaints so far other than they are heavy.
  14. DorsalSpine

    Fence questions for new pools - Lawyer types needed!

    That sounds good in theory. Just wait until your insurance company says add a fence or we will cancel your policy. The pool sites on a 3 acre property surrounded by a 330 acre farm. The pool is grandfathered in since it predates the state wide pool fence ordinance. None of which mattered to...
  15. DorsalSpine

    Testing concerns with the Taylor K-2006C kit...

    +1 on getting your chems in line first. A pool light at night shows everything. I've seen my water be crystal clear during the day and still show floaters at night. That's what filters are for. Do the SLAM, pass the OCLT, and then worry about what the light shows at night.
  16. DorsalSpine

    cyanuric acid drop

    None of us believe pool store test results. They are notoriously unreliable. I see Marty just posted before I did. You are in good hands with him.
  17. DorsalSpine

    Construction costs

    I expected some extra cost because you typically have to fix something when you tear off a 23 year old roof. In our case there was very little damage to be repaired but the shingle cost increased dramatically in the four months between quoting the job and buying the shingles.
  18. DorsalSpine

    Construction costs

    Most contractors are "pricing" jobs with a materials clause that lets them pass along unexpected cost increases. That little bit of fine print added $2,500 to the cost of a new roof I had installed earlier this year. Quite a surprise when I received the final bill.
  19. DorsalSpine

    Construction costs

    I feel your pain. Even little projects are crazy. I wanted a generous two car garage/workshop for our vacation place. Pre-Covid it was a $25-$30K project. Today it's a $45 -$50K project. I'm sorry I waited two years ago. I'll just wait another year or two and see what happens.
  20. DorsalSpine

    What is the weirdest thing you've found in your skimmer basket?

    "bras and Panties..." Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
  21. DorsalSpine

    What is the weirdest thing you've found in your skimmer basket?

    Opossum, toads, chipmunk, mice, voles, small snake. This question has come up before. The warm weather owners list things like scorpions, rattle snakes and an alligator. I'll keep our cold winters and avoid that kind of thing.
  22. DorsalSpine

    Another Slow Slammer

    If you really can't wait just do the CYA test. If you are close to full you have enough water in to see a big change. That will at least validate what you have done so far. Hold off on adding anything until the pool is full. An off the chart CYA level is what brought me to TFP. I know I...
  23. DorsalSpine

    Does anyone go an entire swimming season without SLAMing their pool?

    Open and close every year to clear water. Can't remember the last time I had to SLAM. I close late and open fairly late. Just last week for instance. I wait until the crops are planted and the fields are sprayed before I open. The water was still clear and about 64 when I fired it up. The...
  24. DorsalSpine

    Solar gain from auto cover

    The cover lays on the water so there isn't an insulating layer of air. I didn't think about the air/water temperature differential when I was worried about evaporation. The water is pretty cold in comparison to daytime air temps. I'll open the pool during the day and cover it at night until...
  25. DorsalSpine

    Solar gain from auto cover

    We are supposed to have some really warm weather for the next week or so. My water is 66 and I'd like to get as much solar gain as possible. I have a medium grey auto cover. I can leave the cover closed during the day or open it during the day and just cover it at night. My vote is keep it...
  26. DorsalSpine

    What type of rocks should I use around in-ground vinyl pool?

    If you intend to walk on them don't use anything pea gravel size or smaller. The rock I used was smooth so no sharp edges but it doesn't pack at all. It makes for a very unsteady walking surface. I finally had to add pavers as stepping stones to make it safe to walk on.
  27. DorsalSpine

    Recommended levels for pool with Autocover

    I don't have a SWG but I keep my CYA around 40 with my auto cover. It gives me a little more room for error for the days when the pool is open all day.
  28. DorsalSpine

    Critter issues

    Apparently Killdeer like to nest on the ground. They will also make nests from gravel. Last year it was really cute watching momma nest on the turn around portion of my gravel driveway. We put buckets in the driveway so nobody would drive over the nest. We did too good of a job and they are...
  29. DorsalSpine

    My New Old Pool Dig Out

    My vote is a solid cover with a pump. It's a little work to blow lines and winterize but I've never had a problem in 20 years. I usually open late to avoid dust from the fields around the house. There is a 300 acre farm around my three acres so dust and spray are an issue in the spring. The...
  30. DorsalSpine

    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Got the J&J about a month ago. No reaction at all.