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    Can anybody tell me how you would fix this?

    I have a customer who I just put a new multiport valve on his sand filter. The problem is that now there is a leak at the location shown by the red arrow in the picture. The T goes nowhere. I'm not sure why they used it instead of a normal slip union. The problem is that there isn't much room...
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    Main pump and booster pump on one timer

    I have a customer who has both a VS pump and a Polaris booster pump connected to an Intermatic P135ME timer. She has removed the Polaris cleaner from her system in favor of a robot. Now that she's removed the cleaner, she says when she tries to run her system, the booster pump "sounds like it's...
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    Customer's Pentair 320 drains when pump is off then doesn't refill

    My customer has a Pentair 320 inline chlorinator. It drains of water when the pump cuts off, and doesn't refill when the pump is turned on unless you open the lid. Am I correct in thinking there could be 2 issues? 1: the O-ring in the lid could need replacing 2: the check valve needs...
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    Customer's pool has poor circulation. I think her pump motor is undersized.

    So, my customer has about a 35000 gallon 20x40 inground with 10-12 total returns. Last year she replaced her liner and they also replaced the pump motor. The filter is a Hayward s244t sand filter, the pump is a Hayward Super Pump, and the replacement motor is 1hp. The pool has 2 skimmers and no...
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    Low flow from returns, alot of air

    This is a customer's pool. There is very little flow from their returns, but there is a ton of air from them. They have a Hayward Super Pump 1. Water is very turbulent in the pump basket. When I use a water hose to apply water at the front of the pump where the suction pipe attaches, the...
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    White cloud coming from SKIMMER

    FC 0 CC 0 pH 7.3 Alk over 200 This is a customer's pool. 20x40 liner with 2 skimmers. Hayward sand filter. Hayward 2 HP Super Pump. Hayward SWG. Originally I saw the cloud coming from the return farthest from the pump/filter as well as the farthest skimmer, but none coming from the closer...
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    Recently started a pool service. Question about vacuuming liner pools

    More specifically, I bought an above ground pool pump. It's a Blue Wave 1 HP pump. I bought adapters so that I could plug a short vacuum hose to the discharge side, and a vacuum hose to the intake side. The intake side will have a vacuum head attached to it, while the discharge side is just to...
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    Starting pool service and number 1 question is "Do you service above ground pools?" Why?

    So, yeah. Just starting a pool service business and that's 90% of the questions I get. This leads me to believe nobody services above ground pools. Is that true? If so, why? What is the difference and why do cleaners shy away from them?
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    What's the final word on the quikrete sand?

    Several threads have pooped on it, but it looks like it was determined they had a quality control issue for a little while that was causing problems with sand size. Has that been resolved, or is it still an issue?
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    Hayward s220t filter issues?

    FC 18 CC .5 CYA 40 pH 7.6 Alk 130 The manual says this filter should be filled with sand to about 6" from the top. I'm in the process of Slamming, and there doesn't seem to be any difference in clarity since saturday. I'm deep cleaning my sand right now, and its only filled to about 12" from...
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    Air bubbles coming from returns. Cause of slow clearing?

    FC 18.5 CC 0 CYA 35 pH 7.5 Alk 150 A few weeks ago I was backwashing and forgot about it for several hours. Came home to pump running with no water. Now I'm getting bubbles from my returns. When I turn off the pump, water spits at me from 2 cracks in the strainer basket lid, top dead center. I...
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    Feel like I'm spinning my wheels here

    FC 16 CC .5 pH 7.5 CYA 50 Alk 150 Started trying to get my pool blue again last week. Been brushing the pool surface every evening and putting in 2-3 gals bleach to keep it at 16. Every day when I get home from work the water is mostly blue, but extremely cloudy. I know there is pine straw and...
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    Replace entire multiport valve or just spider gasket and spring?

    So, last summer the white plastic o-ring under the multiport valve handle was dry rotted and broke off. I had what looked to be a working multiport valve laying beside my pool pump from the previous owner, so I put it on my sand filter only to find out the spring beneath the handle must have...
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    Should i be worried about electrocution?

    When we bought our house, the previous owner had to get the pool back in working order as part of the purchase. I assume there was a light in the wall directly below the diving board, because now the liner is sucked into a perfectly round depression in that spot. Is there any way we can be...
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    Is this blue thing supposed to be there? Bought a vacuum and hose today and got home to use it, couldn't fit the hose into the skimmer hole. I tried to find a 1.5"-1.25" pvc adapter but couldn't find one that would work. I went back and bought a valve cover to attach the hose to but the cover doesn't fit...
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    Trying to remove hayward multiport valve to replace plastic o-ring that handle sits o

    Having some trouble getting the valve off to replace a dry rotted o-ring. I have removed the 6 screws, but the top doesn't want to come apart from the bottom. It seems like something is keeping it from coming off. Is my valve just old and stuck in place or is there something else going on? I...
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    How to know if used sand filter is bad

    When we bought our house 2 years ago, the lady had let the pool go for many, many years. She had to get it ready to go again as part of the purchase agreement. A few days ago I noticed water around my hayward sand filter. Yesterday, it dawned on me that I had a leak. I can't find any water on...
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    cheap, walmart "easy pour" the reason my pool is so cloudy?

    Ive literally been slamming my pool for almost 3 weeks now. The 2nd week, i unknowingly put about 15 gallons of the easy pour great value brand bleach in the pool over the course of a few days. After a day or so i had a bunch of foam on the surface and in the skimmer. Thats when i realized i had...
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    White algae (I guess) on floor of pool. Safe to swim?

    All levels are good. Pool turned green on me last week. Got it slammed, now it's sparkly blue with what I guess is dead white algae on the floor. Can the kids swim in it?
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    Can they swim today?

    Let my pool run down to about 1ppm on the chlorine while out of town. Came home, with the pump off it was clear, maybe a tiny bit cloudy. Started running the Dolphin and the pump came on, now it's cloudy in the deep end. PH is 8.0, alk is 110, CYA is 40. Can the kids swim without risk of health...
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    Water coming out of this pipe when pump isn't running The small pipe is constantly running water when the pump is off. Pump running, no problem. I have no idea what this pipe is for. Any help?
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    Help me with speakers and landscaping

    My backyard I have 2 pairs of insignia outdoor speakers. I hooked one speaker up and hung it in the tree to the right of the patio this weekend while the kids were swimming. With the receiver on 60/100, the volume was ok. Where would be the best place to hang the...
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    pH was 7.2 but after 2 days of swimming it's 8.0

    Should I drop some acid or will it go back down on its own? I now have a Taylor fasdpd yest kit Chlorine 7 pH 8.0 Alkalinity 120 Hardness 0 CYA 45
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    Mustard algae? I just don't get it!

    I've had my FC levels at 40 for the last week. CYA is 50, pH is 7.8. I can't get rid of what I thought was mustard algae. I pass the OCLT. The pool is clear. I brush and backwash, but within 24 hours it's reappearing on the bottom, never the sides. I have stuck a water hose in my sand filter, to...
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    Indentation in side of vinyl liner

    Just noticed there is a spot larger than a softball that is sunk-in about 2 ft from the top of the liner. The liner is only 8 months old. Doesn't seem to be losing any more water than usual. Any ideas what the problem could be, and what needs to be done? EDIT: The indentation wasn't there in...
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    Help me light up my backyard

    So now, there are no lights in the backyard other than the floodlight by the door which barely shines on the patio and firepit. I don't know where to start or what to look for. Im on a budget, so cost effective is necessary. Hoping some of you can help me out! Here are some pics of the yard...
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    Is this algae?

    So, every day I come home to this. I run the dolphin and it's gone, but tomorrow after work it will be back. I've SLAMmed. Yesterday FC was 11.5 at around 2PM. Today its 9 at noon, so I think had I done the test yesterday after dark and this AM before sunrise it would have been in the 1ppm OCLT...
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    Dolphin power supply got rained on and shorted out. Now...

    My pool place exchanged the power supply yesterday for a new one. So today, I'm running it, and the rain starts again! I sure hope this one doesn't fail, too! Anybody leave their's out in a hard downpour and it be OK? If so, did u do anything special, like not run it for days? There is no way to...
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    Getting cloudy

    So, yesterday I noticed my water was a little cloudy. Today, a little worse. My test shows: FC: 5 Just used last 2 tablets, will be switching to liquid bleach now CC: 0 pH: 7.2 TA: 80 CYA: out of titrant, so I'm not sure CH: 0 pH was at 7.2 yesterday, so I put a box of Borax in, which should...
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    concrete decking is falling

    So, I've had this home for almost 3 months. I knew the concrete looked funny. I thought they just layed it with this grade, but after reading up, it would seem that it's settling this way. Is there a cost effective alternative to mud jacking? I'm all tapped out on the $ side of things!