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    Need a new BBQ

    The Treagers are very good at what they are designed to do, that is low and slow BBQ. I have seen people try to use it for steaks and such, but it just does not get that hot. For Grilling, you need to look elsewhere, I like my ceramic's but I do have a Jenn Arie Gasser from Lowes that gets...
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    Looking for ceramic lined offset smoker.

    The gravity feed is really good, match it with a stoker/guru and it is a true set it and forget it cooker. It will go for well over 10 hours on a single load of charcoal.
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    Tris for dinner this weekend

    Tri-tip is what made Santa Maria famous in Central California. I went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (SLO) and do a fair share of grilled tri's. If I want to smoke beef, it is brisket for me. Your favorite rub, hot (400-500 degree) grill, with a chunk of smoking wood (I like Pistaschio...
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    Charcoal briquets or lump charcoal?

    I use lump 99% of the time. I am trying to figure out the control for my drum smoker with lump, it seems to like briqs better. I however, like the taste of lump. For any Ceramic or insulated unit, I would recommend lump, as you can close it down after a cook and reuse the lump the next cook...
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    Looking for ceramic lined offset smoker.

    It is not the typical offset looking product (It is in operation an offset) and it is not cermic lined, but it is insulated. Look at the Stump's Smoker for an off set experience, or another upright like the Spicewine or Backwood Smokers for easy of control and space. The SW and Backwood have...
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    BBQ Guru and Stoker discussion

    Re: Used the Grill Dome - my best brisket ever! I have the Stoker and have been using it for a litle more than a year, I love it. Both the Guru and the Stoker have very similar features, Rock (john for Stoker) has the ability to add an ethernet contection with a wireless router and control...
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    Grill Dome?

    Hello Bill, I would be careful on the "Oven Pizza Stones", as they do not like open flames. Don't ask how I know, bit I have a #7 Kamado and an XL BGE and a couple of three piece pizza stones. :shock: Now I use firebricks under the stones to protect from the flames. I am looking at the BGE...
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    One Darn Good Rub

    I agree with Kurt, your own rubs aregreat and I do make my own. However, as I began competing my thought (Right or Wrong) is to take out as many variables in an effort to improve my scores. I use good quality rubs and sauces and work on taste, tenderness and presentation. Once I have that...
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    Canadian Open now Complete

    One of the things I really like, is we do it as a family. My oldest has become our photographer (I always forget to snap the shots) and my box runner. I of course do walk with him, just to clear the way. :-D Out here a lot of the events have a people's choice (a great way to get rid of the...
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    Canadian Open now Complete

    The Jack is my goal, to make it there. We have only been doing this for a short time (7 events), but we have had a walk in every event so far. We took RGC in a small local event that would have got us into the draw at the Jack. Lost to Jay and Monica of Otis and The Bird. They won the GC at...
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    Canadian Open now Complete

    Congrats on the finish, I am assuming that given the high finish you had a couple walks?? That is a feeling that never gets old. I am still looking forward to that GC walk.
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    Hello for Anthem, AZ

    Thanks for the advice, through the help of this forum I have a handle on the algae. I am going to finish a round of shock tonight, and then do the maintance of clean the filters, etc. THe Algae is a thing of the past and I now have control. Thanks again
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    One Darn Good Rub

    Of the John Henry rub, the one I like the best is their Pecan. Out here you can find it at BBQ galore. Right now I am fond of a rub called Yardbird, made by a competiton team call Plowboy's BBQ. Todd, makes some really good stuff. I also have stocked up on Ddogs, Maple and Apple rub. BBQ...
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    Hello for Anthem, AZ

    I just thought I would stop by and introduce myself. I was having trouble with the balance of my pool and with the help of this site (and the new TL -100), I am winning. Thanks for the info, as the pool store kept telling me that the balance is perfect??? Why do I have small spots of...