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    Pentair IC-40 problems

    Just thought I would add to the collective experience we have here. The salt sensor failed on a 5 month old unit. Warranty repair took 3 weeks. It has now failed again, 2 days after repair. So far, Pentair has been responsive if not quick. We will see how the latest problem gets handled. At...
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    Where is the best place to buy a new filter pump motor?

    My 1.5 hp Hayward (A.O. Smith) just died it's second death. I rebuilt it with new bearings after it died the first time from an impeller seal failure. I want to replace with new this time, and cannot yet stomach the pool store prices. They don't even know how to sell the motor separate from the...
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    Years of pucks got me here...Help! New results!

    Please help me face the music: FC 4.8 Ph 7.8 TA 210 CH 210 CYA 100+ is MUCH higher. Lost the black dot in 1/4" of solution. Have struggled with low ph for years. Now I know why. Adding chems...adding pucks. Have stripped my liner of color on the floor of pool. Finally took control this year...