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    Is this algae? Pool shop recommending algaecide and clarifier

    My pool seems to constantly have green dust on the bottom. The water is clear but If I brush the bottom and sides it kicks up. PH and TA is fine, CYA at 50. Chlorine has been held at 5-6 PPM. If I run the cleaner (Dolphin s200)I’m not sure if it actually picks it up or just kicks it off the...
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    Local pool shop recommended against swivel cable

    I asked my local pool shop about robots today and they recommended the Dolphin X30 for $2050AUD. A quick glance made me realize it's the S200 with a different colour, but doesn't include the fine basket or a swivel cable. I could probably get them to throw in a fine filter with some...
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    Best Value Robot in Australia?

    I see the S200 is often praised here for it's value, though in Australia the price is $2049AUD or $1500 USD. Do I need to just suck it up and pay the Australia tax or are there better options here? I have a 40,000L fiberglass pool with a vinyl liner. It's rectangular with fairly curved edges...