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    Intex XTR rust?

    Are any owners of the newer Intex XTR pools experiencing any rust?
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    Is high PH bad and why?

    I have a 12,000 gallon intex pool with SWG in Houston. The ph likes to stay in the 7.8 to 8.0 range. I can add acid and bring it down, but have to keep doing so or it will simply go back up. What are the negatives of keeping the ph in the 7.8 to 8.0 range? The water is clear and there is no...
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    Sand filter waste port question

    I bought a used Pentair SD40 sand filter off of craigslist and hooked it up to a 3/4 hp pump. It is now running but there is a small amount of water coming out of the waste port. I don't have anything hooked up to it yet to close it. Is that normal? I was just going to attach some pvc and a...
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    twist lock adapter?

    I bought a 3/4 hp 9.8 amp pump for my Intex above ground pool. The pump came with a twist lock plug. Are adapters available to make it a standard 15 amp plug, and anyone knows who carries them. Or will I have to make a plug?
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    Need help installing sand filter

    I bought a used sand filter off Craigslist. I don't know the brand and there are no readable markings. Can anyone give me a clue as to which port is which? (i.e. can you tell by which side the pressure gauge is etc?) I'll be hooking this up to a 3/4 hp pump and 12000 gallon above ground pool...
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    Which pump?

    I have a 12,500 gallon above ground pool. What would be the better buy/fit? a 1 hp Hayward pump for $139 and free shipping: ... 771&sr=8-5 or a 3/4 hp Advantage pump for $145? ... 85&sr=1-30 I'd prefer a 3/4...
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    $79 ebay pump?

    Any thoughts on this for a 12,000 gal above ground pool? ... 3eff6b5bf0 Flow: Approx. 39 Gallons or 150L/Min (Approx. 2200Gallons/Hour) - Max Suction Lift: 30 Feet - Heavy Duty Motor - Voltage:110/60 Hz - Thermal Protector - Input Power 370 Watts -...