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    Features + returns or just features

    I split through features and returns, when features are active. Pump needs to run at a higher rpm but it’s worth it for good circulation and skimming. Especially if you have a SWG. Probably depends on your features and if your pump can produce enough flow. I’ve always wished my features were...
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    Pentair Mastertemp 250K BTU heater loud humming

    This might not be relevant however when I replaced my 400k heater they took out the flex line and hard plumbed it, stating that the flex lines might not pass inspection and make a lot of noise for high BTU appliances. Not sure if 250k qualifies or not.
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    "Whip System" Leak

    Also, If you take some photos of your plumbing I’m sure we could help identify it.
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    "Whip System" Leak

    I had whip returns on my pool too. Didn’t know what they’re were until my contractor said to cap/remove them when I redid the surface. If you can isolate and dosconnect the line at the equipment pad it should be safe to cap the whip returns in the pool. I think mine had a valve at the pad for...
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    Mastertemp Diagnostics “Menu”

    To start off, thanks to everyone here. This forum has been an amazing resource. I had been having internment issues with a new Mastertemp 400 heater, and was able to identify the issue from the diagnostic LEDs on the rear of the panel and the information in this forum. Fast forward, since the...
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    Pentair IntelliPH

    I use an IntelliPH with the SWG and it works great! Not a single complaint and it’s been running for about 2 years now. I still test every week to confirm all is correct from a chemistry standpoint, and make an occasional adjustment to the acid percentage, but with cured plaster it’s quite...
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    Anyone Know What Causes This?

    My pump strainers also turn brown over time. Hadn’t thought much about it, figured it was from chlorine over time. I’ll check my return fittings in the morning.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Currently sitting around 82 with no heat during the week. Heater brings it back to swimming temps (86-88) in a couple of hours. No cover, just use the heater in anticipation of swimming this time of the year.
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    Exhaust smell from Heater

    FWIW I have an MasterTemp 400 and it also has a very distinct exhaust smell. Every so often the wind shifts and I get a whiff from my patio. Doesn’t smell like gas, though if you are standing near it when it fires sometimes there’s a brief gas odor. I assumed it was normal. These things burn a...
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    ScreenLogic Protocol Adapter

    @MyAZPool I did a bit of research tonight and it appears Intellicenter is using the same pentair protocol on the LAN and RS, though it may not be compatible with SL2. My best hypothesis is that IntelliCenter connects back to Pentair the same way SL does and their server-side components of their...
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    ScreenLogic Protocol Adapter

    To give a little context for my solution: our goal from day 1 was to integrate our pool with our home automation system. We have keypads on the walls and iPads that we use to control various aspects of the house. Control can be simple (like a button to turn on the waterfalls or waterfalls and...
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    ScreenLogic Protocol Adapter

    I’ve interfaced directly with the ET using an RPI + RS485 adapter and also through the Protocol Adapter. The protocol adapter is basically wrapping the pentair binary protocol with some basic authentication / handshaking and encapsulating it over IP. I won’t claim to understand all of the...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?
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    Newly Installed Hayward Gas Heater (advice on opening pool with)

    I’m heating a slightly smaller pool and I get about 2-3 degrees per hour from a 400k BTU Heater with ~80 degree ambient temps, if that gives a point of reference. The solar cover will help a lot, especially over night or if it’s windy.
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    Newly Installed Hayward Gas Heater (advice on opening pool with)

    Funny thing, I did the same thing. COVID was a great reason to finally bring the heater back. Make sure your chlorine is in a good place before you start heating, I noticed the first time I heated my pool the chlorine dropped rapidly as all the old junk was brought back to temperature. You...
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    Best pebble finish for turquoise/teal blue water?

    We were seeking the same color here in Arizona were torn between stonescapes aqua cool and aqua white, the difference mostly being the base color. Aqua cool has a gray/white base and white is actually blue ... I think. Anyways, we chose aqua cool and couldn't have been happier. Here's a couple...
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    Pentair EasyTouch/Valves Question

    Your setup sounds very similar to mine which I have fully automated with the easytouch. I setup two JVA valves, one for the water feature where I divert about 50% of the return water to the water feature and program an appropriate pump speed, in my case about 2300. Secondly I set up another...
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    Need help choosing equipment

    I replaced all my older Hayward gear with Pentair and have been very happy. The oversized cartridge filters are the way to go here in AZ if you are doing a variable speed pump. Also if you go the SWG route, get an easy touch to go along with... if you are doing pentair.
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    Salt water pool? travertine?

    Thanks all! I suspect with proper care it won't be an issue at all. I'm gonna take the plunge and start up the salt system when I get to day 60. The benefits sure outweigh the risks, which there seems to be no evidence of. Having followed the TFP method for years now with an SWG, I'm not sure I...
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    Salt water pool? travertine?

    I've been wondering the same thing myself. We just replaced our old concrete deck with travertine and resurfaced our existing saltwater pool. Our builder advised us against using the salt system going forward saying that it'll destroy the travertine. His suggestion is to use liquid chlorine and...