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    Heavy Duty Vinyl Patch kit?

    Does anyone have a favorite heavy duty (or maybe just large) way to patch a vinyl liner? Here is my situation: My above ground pool began leaking two years ago where the liner is pressing against the bolts that join the walls together. There doesn't seem to be padding to protect the liner from...
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    Another leak, and nothing I can do about it until the ice melts

    Well, I thought I had patched the leak(s) prior to closing the pool last fall, but today I noticed a drip-drip-drip coming from the inside of the pool wall, about 1 foot from where I had patched a hole. There's nothing I can do about it right now because of all the ice on top of and under the...
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    Start-up without access to liquid chlorine?

    I'm getting a water delivery later this week to fill my pool. With bleach/liquid chlorine being so scarce at this time, I'm concerned about getting the FC levels up quickly enough to prevent algae. How are people handling this? Shock followed by tricolor tablets?
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    How to protect exposed liner until fill?

    Over the winter, my above ground pool’s water level dropped significantly. I assume there is a leak, that I have yet to find, but that’s another issue. I am on well water and can’t fill the pool myself. I called the local pool fill companies and the earliest I could schedule the fill is almost...
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    Mustard Algea or Pollen (photo attached)?

    A few weeks ago, my pool water got cloudy and I noticed some green on the stairs, so I did a SLAM, which took about a week to complete. Shortly after completion, the water got a little bit cloudy again, especially after vacuuming (I could always see the bottom though). I did nothing other than...
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    Winterize Above Ground Pool Without Draining?

    Last summer I bought a house with an existing above-ground pool. I followed the winterizing instructions in the Pool School ebook and drained the water to 4 inches below the return. This spring I removed the cover to find crystal-clear water, so overall I'm happy—but, since I have well water...
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    Near-new pump buzzes - won't run

    I ordered a new sand filter and pump from and have had it installed and running great for about a week. The pump is a 2-speed Pentair Dynamo (DYNII-N2-1-1/2). I have been running it on low speed almost constantly for a week. Have tried high speed just to see that it works...
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    Replacing pump/motor - What to look for?

    Last summer we bought a house with an above ground pool in upstate NY. The pump (STA-RITE ABG4E-2A4) was very loud (kept me awake the first couple of nights), not well protected from the elements, etc. I want to replace it. I'm just not sure what to look for, and I'm not 100% sure it was the...
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    Worth saving this late in the season?

    Hi - we moved into a house with a pool in upstate NY in July. This is our first time owning a pool. Note: the pool did not have CYA in it when we moved in, and I did not and have not added any. For the first several weeks, we had crystal clear water. Then a few things happened: 1. I had been...