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    White flakes in pool

    My in-laws pool is finally almost completely clear and everything is balanced except for their CYA (it's only at 50). They have a new problem though. They said that there are white flakes in the bottom of the pool. They have a vinyl liner. Any idea as to what the white flakes are and how to get...
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    Adding shock to SWG pool?

    My father in law just got a SWG. I know NOTHING about it and neither does he. He thinks that it's going to cure everything despite me trying for the past 3 years to get him to switch to the BBB method and explaining that a SWG is not a cure-all. I guess since I'm a girl, he thinks I'm...
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    Goodbye Dry

    I saw this stuff at our local Walmart. Does anyone know anything about it? We use the BBB method. Our water is crystal clear, everything balanced and things going well. I don't want to add anything that may mess things up, but I do have sensitive skin that tends to stay really dry and I'm just...
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    How to vacuum algae settled to bottom without stirring it up

    We never covered our pool this winter, and I actually think it's the cleanest it's ever been upon "opening". There isn't near as much algae as we've had in the past and this time, it's a thin layer settled on the bottom. Is there any way possible to vacuum it without stirring it all up? I know...
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    How long to run pump? #'s good, algae dead, but still cloudy

    I have never had algae killed so fast like I did this year. Removed cover, water was dark green, started dumping the bleach in and by that evening, there was absolutely no sign of green! That was 4 days ago. #'s are perfect, chlorine is holding (I'm keeping it at shock level), but water is still...
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    Liquid Shock from Ollie's

    I just got a sales paper from Ollie's Bargain Outlet and in it, they have 12.5% Liquid Pool Tech Shock for $2.99 per gallon. Does this stuff have other chemicals in it that I wouldn't want? If this is just a stronger bleach, then I'm gonna pick some up. advice please! I just found the msds...
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    Green again and having a tough time clearing it

    My numbers: FC: 6 PH: 7.6 TA: 50 CYA: 45 I have been putting 8+ jugs in it daily and the chlorine has been holding well for the past 3 days, so what's the problem (I added another 8 jugs last night)? I've put over 40 jugs in since opening 2 weeks ago! The first couple of days, I had the...
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    Need to close but have major algae. Clear it up first?

    So, we've neglected our pool since it's gotten cooler. Our winter cover had to be tossed because quite frankly, it was a piece of junk. So, we're ordering a new cover and need to close. My once beautiful pool water is now looking like pea soup. I thought about keeping it green through halloween...
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    Opened to green pool and use BBB method

    We opened our pool yesterday to a green pool. Well, actually the water appeared clear, but the algae was all over the bottom and sides of the pool. I immediately started adding bleach. I kept testing the levels and not once could I get a chlorine reading. I ended up adding 12 gallons of bleach...
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    What does pollen look like?

    My numbers are all in balance, the water is sparkling clear and chlorine has been holding great, but I keep having to vacuum off stuff that looks like sand from the bottom of my pool. Sometimes it's not easy to get up and I have to keep going over it to get it all up. The pollen is HORRIBLE here...
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    Using a parachute for a winter cover

    My dad said they always used a parachute for their winter cover. Our pool cover we got with our pool was a piece of junk. We had to toss it out because it had ripped and was full of holes. My parents got the parachute from the Army Navy Surplus store. Just wondering if others used parachutes. :?
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    Worms covering the bottom of the pool...GROSS!

    We opened the pool up to a nice lovely green swamp mess. I knew that would happen. We closed way too early last year and had many days in the mid 80's after we closed. Another lesson learned. Anyways, I started everything up today, started adding bleach and began brushing and vacuuming to...
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    Best way to cool down pool temp

    We've been in the 90's and I'm shocked at how fast our water temp is rising. I'm afraid that by mid July, it won't even be refreshing. We're supposed to hit 100 tomorrow and we're in North Carolina! We have terrible humidity to top it off. What is the best way to cool pool water?
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    Dirt looking stuff

    We've been enjoying the pool, but I notice that there is dirt-looking stuff on the bottom of the pool if I leave it for a couple days. When I brush it, it just fluffs away like dirt. Is it just dirt? Here is a picture: Also, I bought some skimmer socks and they get NASTY. They get this...
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    Anyone have Memorial Day pool plans?

    Just wondering who all is opening their pool this weekend or tomorrow. The kids are going to swim today in ours for the 2nd time. They jumped in last week and jumped right out because it was freezing. We've had the solar cover on this week though and it's warming a bit. We're going to have a...
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    How often do you run your pump?

    Just curious. We've had ours running 24/7 for almost a week now. Those of you that DON'T run it 24/7, can you please state whether you run it during the day or night? Thanks!
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    World's Largest Pool

    Impressive! A Breathtaking Lagoon Construction of the world's largest crystal-clear saltwater lagoon has been successfully completed. Upon execution of the last expansion stage, this lagoon –San Alfonso's signature amenity- has reached its...
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    Yuck. Green upon opening

    We decided to take the cover off and YUCK. The pool is green! I checked it 2 months ago and it was sparkling clear under the cover. We had some storms come through soon after that and do damage to the cover though and it caused everything on top of the cover to go into the pool. This will be...
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    Shouldn't have closed it.

    We closed our pool a couple weeks ago because we had been getting some pretty cool temps and the water was too cold to swim in (water temp was in the 60's). Well, go figure that we've had temps in the upper 80's and it's supposed to be like that here all next week too! I'm half tempted to...
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    How cold of water will you swim in?

    Just wondering! We had planned on closing our pool this weekend, but with temps rising back up to 90 degrees, we may put the solar cover on today and see if we can warm it up some. Earlier this week, we had lows in the 50's, so the water got cold fast. The water temp is currently 63 degrees.
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    Black "gunk" in skimmer

    There is thick, black "gunk" all at the water level in the skimmer. Hubby said it's from suntan oil and lotions. Is he right? I found out my neighbor uses only baby oil and she's been swimming in our pool. I'm putting a stop to that. NO BABY oil is allowed in the pool. In fact, I'd prefer no...
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    Milky water

    I'm asking this question for a lady at my church. She just got an 18 foot above ground pool. Water was fine...chlorine was reading fine, but it was showing NO PH (the water was CLEAR though). She's using a "frog". That's some kind of special thing that releases the chemicals into the pool and...
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    How many of you use algaecide with the BBB method?

    Just curious. We have had no sign of algae, but I read that some people still use algaecide regularly when they are also using the BBB method. We have algaecide (Regal brand...ingredients are dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and methyl benzyl ammonium chloride), but I've never used it.
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    Hi! I am a new 27 foot ABG pool owner. I'm finally catching onto this whole pool thing. Hubby has been working on the deck, so I've been the one to take over testing chemicals, cleaning the pool, etc. I'm 30 years old with two children, ages 7 and 9. I work part time as a Phlebotomist (yeah...