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    Treating brown stains in gunite pool

    So we have been dealing with some brown stains in the pool since last season when we purchased the house. We have tried a number of things: Rubbing lemon on spot (no change) Rubbing chlorine tab on spot (no change) AA treatment with Essential Values Swimming Pool & Spa Stain Remover (no change)...
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    Frozen bolt on Pentair Intelliflo 2 VST

    We purchased a house with a pool at the end of season last year and noticed a little water around the pump when running. The pad was always a little wet but there were no visible leaks. Looking into the issue this season it appears there is a leak in the shaft seal. When disassembling the pump...
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    Air bubbles and water surging/spitting in pool return jets

    Another Texan here with damage from the freeze (+ no power for 3 days). All water leaks have been repaired (valves, heater manifold, chlorinator, etc..) and we have gotten the pool up and running (and the water chemistry back on track). Now I'm having an issue with 2 pool return jets (closest...