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    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    Ok, I will get the amp draw. Yes, the impeller/shaft can spin easily. However, when spinning the old shaft compared to the new (all without seals or anything attached), the new ones do not spin as freely. They spin smooth, but not as easily when turning by hand (both new ones feel exactly the...
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    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    I pulled 245 volts before the pump starts and 240 when the pump is on. I don't have a clamp anmeter, but I will look into getting one. I took the impeller off, but I could not find a part number on the actual impeller. I was able to get the diffuser part number and I believe that the impeller...
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    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    Ok, thanks. Yes, I replaced the seals on both of the new motors. I'll give it a test run and see what happens. I have noticed that the old motor shaft spins easier than the new ones (just spinning it by hand without the seal).
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    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    The pump is a Pentair Challenger, but no labels on it. Pictures attached. Thanks
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    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    I recently switched out my booster pump motor (like for like). Century 2.5 HP 230V. The existing motor was old (not sure how old because I purchased the home 1 1/2 years ago) and was blowing start capacitors. After three capacitors I went ahead and switched out the motor as it seemed the old...
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    Caretake Leaf Trapper Lid Seal

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have lubed the o-ring and tried rotating. For the freezing of the o-ring, I have the "old style", so the o-ring is built into the lid and making it smaller I think would only make the issue worse. I did call the vendor and they said that the pressure could be too...
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    Caretake Leaf Trapper Lid Seal

    Hello, I purchased a home with a pool about a year ago. It’s a ~25k gallon pool that has a Caretaker system installed. The previous owners did not utilize the caretake system, but I’ve gone through and replaced everything to get it up and running. The last issue that I’m having is that the lid...