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  1. alanpaul

    Suggestions wanted - screening a pool from the street

    Hi, Elsa. I'm originally from B'more, now living on South Florida. Anyway, if you'd post a photo or two of the site, we'd be able to imagine with you, and also make suggestions. Thanks!
  2. alanpaul

    HOA denied pool build... advice?

    And personally, I have to agree with ChiefWEJ's wife. Swimming pools are not natural, so why create a poolscape with a pile of rocks jutting out of a concrete deck? One might as well install artificial trees. IMO, pools and water features are about the water, not rocks, so just make the water...
  3. alanpaul

    HOA denied pool build... advice?

    ReillysMom, I remember from an earlier discussion that you love your house, but not the brick. Unfortunately, you don't love the restrictions of your lot, either. OK, first, say the Serenity Prayer. In this discussion about the size of your pool, I'm thinking about how everything in Texas is...
  4. alanpaul

    Outdoor speaker wiring project

    As it will be inside a hollow molding (essentially a tube) with a little air space around it, I would imagine the living room wire would be completely safe and secure. That's my opinion, and I am not an expert at all.
  5. alanpaul

    Aqua rite mother board

    Thank you, Summerspa! I intend to go thru it step by step to see if I can figure out exactly what's wrong with my aged system.
  6. alanpaul

    Is "Bright and Soft" ok to use as salt ?

    To follow thru with TechGuy: NOT-So-Bright and Soft-In-The-Head.
  7. alanpaul

    Fighting Algae for what seems like forever

    Armada, What can we say? If your probably-incorrect Pool Store CYA number was even nearly correct, than your Thursday number of 32 was very good. Then they told you to add more, which probably brought you up too high, if any of their numbers are even remotely believable. You see...
  8. alanpaul

    Crack in cement pool

    I suppose you'd need a professional to tell you if it's paint over concrete, or paint over plaster. [For better or worse, I'm told the better pool paints (and I understand that's an oxymoron) are epoxy compounds.] As to the surface, I've seen pools where the plaster seems to delaminate in...
  9. alanpaul

    Outdoor speaker wiring project

    I don't believe Rafael told us the actual distance, but he is looking at using high quality speaker wire, apparently up the inside of a wall, thru the attic and exiting an exterior wall to outside speakers. The wire he discussed at the top of the thread is 12 gauge, though I'd say most of us...
  10. alanpaul

    Outdoor speaker wiring project

    Raf, If you have 2 zones available, and you are using one for indoors and one for outdoors, then you're in good shape. If you want more zones, you'll need more switching capabilities, therefore a speaker switch with even more options. And don't use that 16 gauge wire for your outdoor...
  11. alanpaul

    Crack in cement pool

    IAN81, I'm glad you tried the putty, and I hope it gives you several years of service. We have 2 cracks which we've re-puttied every 3 years or so. I think perhaps we need to start a Painted-Pool-Partnership here on TPF, to assist each other in maintaining the surfaces of our painted pools...
  12. alanpaul

    Outdoor speaker wiring project

    Rafael, And remember that a heavier gauge wire will carry the sound to your speakers somewhat more efficiently with less loss of digital fidelity across the distance from your sound source. We did exactly as you have planned, up through the wall, across the attic and out under the roof of the...
  13. alanpaul

    Crack in cement pool

    Ian81, On our painted pool, we used Pool Putty by EpoxyBond, a 2-part epoxy compound that you can apply underwater. It does create a little chalky cloudiness in the water that filters out, but it will seal the crack(s) for some time (in our case several years). Do be sure to brush/scrape the...
  14. alanpaul

    Think I may have found my FC demand issue?

    I can hear your pool light sighing with relief. :goodjob:
  15. alanpaul

    Strange Sound Coming from "deck"

    My final thought: Remember the scientist-inventor Tesla? He invented microwave technology, sonar, radio, and radio controlled devices including remote controls, all in the early-to-mid 1900's. He also posited that a power company could send electrical power deep into the ground, and...
  16. alanpaul

    Strange Sound Coming from "deck"

    This is a cicada year in some areas. Do you get them where you live? It sounded like insects to me. Crickets or the like. Can you douse the area with bug killer? Are you certain there are no electrical or utility lines of any kind buried under the stones? I'm wondering about current...
  17. alanpaul

    How to handle poor pool installation

    Jr George2, Probably the 50-year track record was the reputation of someone else (from whom your builder bought or inherited the company), unless your PB is near 80 years old. In which case he may have lost his edge. Step 1. As it doesn't pay to use adversarial behavior, after impressing...
  18. alanpaul

    Do you measure your bleach?

    I have high debris from trees this time of year, so I measure about 45 oz. of 10%. At other times the pool can require only 38 oz. or thereabout, to raise it the FC 2ppm needed daily.
  19. alanpaul

    4 hard days...worth it.

    Beautiful improvements.
  20. alanpaul

    New in S Florida

    Wow, that's quite an improvement. Use it well, and enjoy it!
  21. alanpaul

    TC is over 10

    We hope you're doing the Happy Dance!
  22. alanpaul

    Patio Covers

    BSkies, I think you're on the right track, though I had to laugh when you noted your wife wants something different than you do! Who's surprised at that? As to the beadboard, I'm not entirely sure. You can certainly "waterproof" it with paint on the top, bottom and all edge surfaces. I like...
  23. alanpaul

    How to get water to previously plumbed pipe for slide

    Sure, LNM, But how odd that 3 wall ports use 1 pipe, and the other 3 wall ports use 2 pipes. That's in the category of Things that make you go, "Hmmm." Maybe one of those 2 pipes was diverted...? My current thought, backed up by absolutely no experience in waterslide engineering, is that...
  24. alanpaul

    SWG Dying - Having problems with liquid chlorine

    Considering you're not using an SWCG right now, your chlorine FC is too low to sanitize your pool. At a CYA level of 20, the bare minimum is FC 2 for a non-SWG pool, and the target level is FC 3. Please, punch your numbers into the Pool Calculator, as suggested, to see what you need to do to...
  25. alanpaul

    Green Pool, not quite a swamp but... HELP!!!

    Eventually, yes. But how long is eventually? :whip: Adding some DE to your filter would speed up clearing the pool of dead algae as well as other fine particles. Note that DE must be replaced after backwashing. By the way, did you backwash your filter after floc and vacuum? It would be a...
  26. alanpaul

    Patio Covers

    Blueskies (makes me think of Brewskies), There are many types of Patio Covers. I'm guessing you mean the 'arbor / pergola' type: It's a little like building a deck in the air, only the deck boards (open roof) are often standing on their edge the length of the structure, not laying down...
  27. alanpaul

    Does my CYA seem a little high?

    Haley, Sorry, I misunderstood. I didn't realize you dumped OUT 7" of water, first. I thought you just put IN 7" of water that wasn't there before. Duh!? :hammer: :lol:
  28. alanpaul

    Guesstimate manual chlorine needed til part arrives Monday

    Re: Guesstimate manual chlorine needed til part arrives Mond Online research says AquaChem Liquid Chlorinizor is 10% chlorine. The other 90% is water. Is sold under many labels, since 1979, made and distributed by Bio-Lab, Inc. It seems to have no other additives, just Sodium Hypochlorite and...
  29. alanpaul

    The TFP Name the Shock Process Contest Finals

    OK, we're all a little surprised that one entrant got the top 3 picks. But then we have to understand how the system and how human nature works. [I was involved in this kind of process as part of my career and have had to explain it to many surprised entrants and voters.] Selections like...
  30. alanpaul

    The TFP Name the Shock Process Contest Finals

    D'oh! Thanks, HS.