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    Aqualink issues

    we have fiber optic internet and I just ran a speed test 107 down/29 up. The router is a Netgear Orbi system with extenders and has not changed since the pool install last year and connects to every other smart device in our house including solar, thermostat, etc. with no issue. When I am...
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    Aqualink issues

    Hi all, I am hoping someone here in an Aqualink expert as my pool contractor is not responsive. A few days ago I went to turn off the spa heater, jets, light etc when we were done using and could not get a connection to the aqualink via my phone app or on desktop. This happens occasionally and...
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    Is this a chemical issue?

    the spillover runs whenever the pump is on unfortunately as our spa and pool share a water system and it sits just right above the waterline on the spa. We have a VSP and run it 12 hours a day at low speed though for energy conservation. I could bump it up and reduce the amount of time the pump...
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    Is this a chemical issue?

    I used the TF-100 kit.
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    Is this a chemical issue?

    should I have not added calcium? The pool math app told me to add 58 lbs, which I thought was insane. So I added 25 to see what would happen and that brought it up to 375. The app is still telling me to add another 17lbs! The pool is only a year old and is white plaster. I would like to keep our...
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    Is this a chemical issue?

    we have been using a pool service since last fall because the pool maintenance manager (ie me) started traveling a lot for work. Well with all of my new found time at home I decided to check in on the chemicals because I discovered that my pool guy doesn't even brush the pool when he is here. I...
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    S300 was delivered today and it doesn't work

    Right? It was clean for the party but after 13 kids got in an out, running across the grass even after being told not to its a mess again. FedEx sent me a text alert my package is out for delivery today. Thank GOD!
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    S300 was delivered today and it doesn't work

    Sorry for the delay in the update, getting the kids back to school has been crazy. Mayotronics drop-shipped us a replacement once the return was received at FedEx last week and we should have a replacement this week. If this one does not work I am just going to buy a zodiac through our PB. For...
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    S300 was delivered today and it doesn't work

    Yes, it is very frustrating. She had the technician call me and he is submitting a ticket to Mayotronics. I would think they would just send me a replacement. After powering it down for an hour, opening the filter basket, replacing the filter basket, and turning back on I was able to get it to...
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    S300 was delivered today and it doesn't work

    Ordered my S300 from marina and it was delivered today. I was so excited to finally be able to clean the pool as we are at the 30+ day mark and having our first pool party on Friday. Well, it ran for 15 minutes and stopped. In the app it tells me there is a servo overload error and gives me the...
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    New IG build in Nor Cal

    The builder came today and fired up the filter pump and his pool guy came to start battling the chemicals. It took us 50 hours to fill this pool with 2 hoses. When they started everything they realized the plaster company plastered over one of the returns in the spa. PB says they come fix it...
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    New Pool Build, Yet Another in DFW

    without the decking, our 42X18 pool & spa ended up at 71K (in N. CA) Decking was an additional charge at $9/square (we did about 1400 sq ft). The builder we really wanted to use came in at 96K and I could not stomach it. We had a fixed budget for the project and I decided rather than compromise...
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    Owner Builder Northern California

    Howdy! We are up in the Redding area and finishing our build today after 7 long months. I was going to do an OB and chickened out because we both work full-time. Then I got laid off in the middle of this and think I could have done a better job at the project management than my builder did! How...
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    New IG build in Nor Cal

    Plaster today!! I am loving the white plaster and can't wait to show off my crystal clear water. I have my TFP 100 test kit ready to keep tabs on the pool guy. Our builder includes 30 days of service (he comes every day!) so I am going to have some fun checking his chemistry. :ROFLMAO:
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    Decking Finish Options

    They are plastering today, here is what it looks like.
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    Decking Finish Options

    our PB added a special grit to the concrete and did a pour in place coping. It looks sleek and smooth and has enough grip it isn't slippery. He gave us the option of using white or a colored concrete vs the typical gray but we are boring and wanted the pool to be understated.
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    Landscaping (plant installation) before or after pebble finish?

    we are just waiting for plaster and I am having our grass installed this week so we don't have a bunch of dirt flying/tracking in the brand new pool. We are waiting to plant everything else until the fall.
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    Potential problem with new pool build...

    We owned a home (spec) with a downslope in the rear of the yard that was never properly addressed by the builder. About 2 years into owning it all of the tile in the house started to crack and lift. When we demoed it, the slab was literally wet. The builder came back and installed a french drain...
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    Pebble Fina vs standard plaster Start up?

    So we are on the plaster schedule for next week (6/28) and I am still conflicted as to whether we are going to do a standard plaster or Pebble Fina finish. The receptionist at the plaster company tried to talk me out of Fina saying it only carries a 5-year warranty, isn't much better than...
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    New IG build in Nor Cal

    also, it's hard to see in these pics but I went with a stainless steel spillway from Majestic water spouts and love it. SO much better than the piece of gray tile the builder was going to use...
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    New IG build in Nor Cal

    some photos as of today. Decking is complete and they started the drainage work yesterday. They started the tile in May, but have yet to do the interior of the spa, the stone on the exterior of the spa finish grouting the pool. My builder is all over the place and it's making me nuts. Grout is...
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