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    Pool Liner and Ice

    Replaced pool liner for 40'x20' inground Lazy-L back in 2015. Last Oct I lowered the water to about 10" below the returns instead of the normal 2"-3". Everything fine up until 25-Dec when i looked out and saw that the water had dropped sharply - down to maybe 2" of water on the shallow end...
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    Pool Clarifier - shelf life

    Yup that's the reason I haven't used it in all these years. This year however was the 1st time I asked my 16 year old son to take charge ... After he had his post high school grad pool party last month he pretty much let it go and last week I noticed algae creeping in. Got it under control...
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    Pool Clarifier - shelf life

    I have a container of unused pool clarifier that's about 10 years old. Was just wondering if it's still good to use. It's been out in the shed here in Canada (cold winters and hot summers).