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  1. Fiveflat

    Lowering my CYA without draining water!

    I went behind TFP's back and tried something, something that has been discussed on this forum before and didn't seem like it was very well received. My CYA was high because the pool startup guy put way too much conditioner in before I found TFP. Only thing he did right was add plenty of MA in...
  2. Fiveflat

    Screenlogic for Android is terrible!

    Or is it me? I have a Samsung Galaxy S10. The SL interface is a mess. I only say this because I also have a company provided iPhone and I just installed ScreenLogic on it and it's wonderful! Specifically I can't adjust my Intelliflo vsf pump speed from the Android. It just seems like it...
  3. Fiveflat

    Can't keep my pH down

    I'm constantly in a battle with my pool trying to keep pH down (for the last two weeks lol) I'm adding muriatic acid according to poolmath and it still always creeps up to 8.2+ (Scale only goes up to 8.2 but if I were to guess, I'd say 8.6) I have to run my spillway to get the water into my spa...
  4. Fiveflat

    Booster pump running but not pumping water

    As the title States, booster pump turns on with schedule but it's not pumping water. My cleaner is just sitting there looking stupid. Did it possibly lose its prime? It's a Pentair Boost-Rite. How do I re-prime if that's the case?
  5. Fiveflat

    3 cleaning questions in one

    First question is regarding my spa. Do I have to get in and pick all the settlement out of the bottom of my spa by hand? There's gotta be an easier way? Second question is regarding my steps and cabo deck. A lot of sand tends to settle up here. My pool cleaner doesn't make it more than a...
  6. Fiveflat

    Trying to get better control of valves from screen logic

    New pool install with Pentair Intelliflo, booster pump and SWG. Right now I have two modes (pool and spa) From what I understand, in spa mode it sucks from spa and returns to spa. I understand this as I wouldn't want heated water going back to pool. However, in pool mode, I thought* it is...
  7. Fiveflat

    New pool and just added salt. 15million%???

    I've never had a pool before. now I have a little over 18k gallon pool and it's a fresh fill. Running Pentair intelliflo and intellichlor and my pool hasn't had any chemicals added except salt yesterday. I put 400# of salt in and my screen logic numbers are confusing me this morning. I...
  8. Fiveflat

    That new guy in California

    Hey there folks! Just built a new in ground pool with pentair equipment and easytouch / screen logic. Pool contractor has a "usual" pool start up guy but he wouldn't come out to my rural neck of the woods so he found a local guy that would. That turned into a disaster. He didn't do anything he...