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    Hot SWG box

    Our Aqua Rite is acting up. Some days when I check, the “no flow” and “inspect cell” lights are on. If I turn it off then back on and reset the saline indicator then all is fine. The cell is relatively new, a year or two. I just replaced the varistor on the board. The top right hand of the box...
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    Inground pool coping separating, lifting from pool

    Our pool is probably 30-50 years old. We redid it around 2008. Yes, we had all the troubles and confusions with the pool company. My favorite was, as they were plastering it, I asked, "When do you add the color?" We had paid a good bit more for some kind of quartz/colored surface. They looked...
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    Skin stains from test kit?

    Just opened on Monday. After doing almost a complete TfP test kit plus salt, my fingers had these stains. Anyone else ever get this? No discomfort, just funny color looks like paint. TIA!