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    Pentair LA MS05 failure

    Hi Guys, I appreciate all the help you’ve graciously given. I pulled my Pentair LA MS05 hoping to replace a bad bearing. (It was running very loud) Upon disassembly, which was a little challenging with no YouTube’s to go on, I found significant the shaft turn to be very tight. Then the shaft...
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    Pentair LA MS05 booster pump bearing question

    Hi Guys, I have a pentair booster running a Polaris in a 28 ft fiberglass pool. This was a new build <2 years ago..... Suddenly, the booster motor became very loud. It still drives the Polaris easily. I’m fairly handy and think I can replace the bearings if that is what it ends up being...
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    Stay Rite Max E Therm 400 E 01 error code

    Hi All, Thank you in advance for your help. In the fall we moved into a house with a 2016 installed Sta Rite max E therm 400 gas heater. It worked fine initially, but the would shut down intermittently and the service heater lite would come on. Turing power of and back on would usually get it...