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    lawn after pool construction

    How long does it take for your yard to establish after pool construction? Our pool was built in 2019 and had a hydroseed placed in late May 2020. I put seed down again in the fall because seed in the spring did not take well. I hoped it would fill in a little last Fall but its still look bare...
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    minimum decking to secure safety cover

    ok - thanks. How many inches from the side of the pool does the safety cover attach to the decking? And while we are not considering an auto cover right now - but may in the future - do you need any more or less space? Also, with the narrow side being 3-4 feet did you ever feel it was too narrow?
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    minimum decking to secure safety cover

    newbie here - what is the minimum decking needed around a pool to secure a safety cover? We were thinking of going 4' of decking on one side but is that enough to secure a safety cover? Thanks!
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    anyone have pics to share of Unilock Steel Mountain pavers?

    Looking at our decking options and considering the Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone Steel Mountain pavers. Looks fine with the drawing the contractor provided us but would love to see some pics of it after installation. Thanks!
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    cost of exposed aggregate vs pavers - new england

    How much per square feet should we expect to pay for exposed aggregate vs simple (no high end for us) pavers including installation? what about smooth pebble installed per square feet(will use as a border outside the decking in some areas)? We have started getting quotes but did not get enough...
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    placement of pump, heater etc - need input

    this may be a sill question - but from where does the gas line come from to the heater? Is it the main gas connection/meter for our house (which is in on the front side of our screened in porch)?
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    placement of pump, heater etc - need input

    thanks. how much space is needed for the equipment? Is it 4'x6'? and does it go on gravel or cement? also, what kind of equipment would we need to get in an out near the pump? we were going to have the fence gate close to the house and screened in porch?
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    placement of pump, heater etc - need input

    Hi - we are getting a new pool installed early July and not sure about placement of the equipment. Attached is the general layout we are thinking of with the 2 locations we are thinking. Option 1. - along privacy fence - about 33 feet from house Option 2 - near garage near our AC unit The...
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    How far in advance do PB need property plot picture?

    thanks for your replies. I beleive i am getting the layout in our yard from the decking people (that we have not chosen yet). Should I get a plan from him at this stage in the game? We basically just agreed to the pool size and additional items like salt water, etc.I got the impression that...
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    How far in advance do PB need property plot picture?

    We are working with a reputable PB in our area - several neighbors have used them. He told us in December that he needed the land plot ASAP when he took our deposit and I found one that the previous owners had done when they added a screened in porch but he hasnt contacted me back to let me...
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    how much decking needed around pool?

    Still trying to work out the layout of our pool - its going to be 18x36 inground rectangle with a diving board on one end. We are hoping to have enough space on the shallow end for a small couch, maybe a small table and then some seating around one edge. We dont anticipate hosting much - and...
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    pool safety cover and gas lines questions

    Thanks for the info. On the pool cover - our pool is being built next July so we may not get our stone work done around the pool done until the following year (have heard you need to wait some time for settling?). so the first year we will have to use just the mesh cover teh PB provides...
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    By safety fence do you mean a fence around the pool itself? We plan to have a the required around the pool except the area that butts up against the house.
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    thank you all for the feedback. I called PB and locked us in for install next summer :) I have research to do on the pumps, heater etc before our meeting with PB next Friday. Necktarologist - I was wondering about going with a little less decking on one side. Maybe we will do that. Is it...
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    pool safety cover and gas lines questions

    Hi - do most people buy the safety cover for the pool from the PB or from home depot? PB is quoting $2500 for 18x36 pool and yet looks like I can get one from home depot for <$1000? Is it one of those things that is better to get directly from PB? Hate to nickel and dimes things like this but...
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    Thank you all for your comments. Clearly we have more to think about! I hadnt thought about the gas lines being far from the house or the walkway from the house to the pool. So this project may be more than we want to spend in order to do it right.
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    orange bucket indicates where fence line would be - actual pool would go width of screened in porch
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    Not sure if you will be able to see the attachment. Our quote was $25800 for 18x36 rectangle pool with liner includes 2 skimmers, Hayward Glass 5220T filter, 1 stainless steel ladder, (three thread - not sure what that means), 1 manual vacuum kit with 35 ft hose and telescoping pole, a deep...
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    pool/landscape suggestions

    Hi New to this site and have several questions. We are considering putting an inground pool in our yard - we live in southeastern MA. We have a pool builder - someone who several of our neighbors used and is well known in our area and are looking at a 18x36 rectangle. So our questions...