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    Check Valve Help

    Hey all, I was trying to backflush some leaves off of my main drain and took apart the front end of the pump. When I removed the check valve, I noticed a rock was lodged in it. I put everything back together and tried several times to get prime and it wouldn’t work. I went up to the hardware...
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    Question about replacing Pentair Pump

    Hi everyone, I needing to replace an older Pentair variable speed pump (011018). I’m looking at a newer Pentair VSF pump (011056). My question is, can I simply unscrew the plumbing and switch this out without having to raise or lower the incoming or outgoing pipes? I can order this online...
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    Pump Won’t Power On - No Display

    Hey everyone- I attempted to open my pool this morning and as soon as I would turn my breaker on, it would flip right back off. I disconnected my pump from my easy touch panel and the breaker stayed on. I reinserted the wires back into the breaker lugs and tried again. Now the breaker isn’t...