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    Impacted by Texas Freeze

    Just a bump in case anyone has a spare PB4-60 impeller R0536400 that they are willing to sell me at a reasonable price.
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    Concrete Redo

    I did a rock salt finish on bare concrete with a light color overlay. It is pretty non-slip even when wet. Also, being a light color, it does not burn the feet. My Oklahoma flat stone coping around the pool is hotter than the concrete down here in the Texas sun.
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    Awesome Baloo!
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    Did I waste money on a Jandy VersaFlo?

    I have a similar setup with a JXi400N, Versaflow, and a Jandy Variable Speed Pump. When the heater kicks on, the VersaFlow engages and the pump kicks up to about priming levels. I notice that the pressure gauge on Jandy DE60 hits around 25-26 PSI when the heater is running. And drops back...
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    That was my thought as well when I did mine. For the sanding, you don't want to go too smooth where the epoxy will bond to the plastic. The intent is to give grip to the epoxy. Awesome news on possible UPS delivery!
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    Any update baloo? I am curious if you tried to epoxy it back together and if it was successful.
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    Let me know how it works out. If you want more mechanical grip from the epoxy, drill shallow holes all over where the fiberglass will go (like 1/2 way through the manifold thickness) and then fill it with epoxy. It may help lock the joint from separating from the epoxy by anchoring it.
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    That's a serious crack. But honestly, do you have anything to lose by trying to epoxy it back together? It may be a temporary fix but might get you by till they are available. Disassemble everything and pull out the valves. Clean everything thoroughly internally and externally with...
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    Audio Video setup around pool patio

    When I put in my pool, trenched around it and buried 4 conductors direct burial 12 gauge wire to each speaker location. You can use solid core or braided, or even plain jane Romex (that is ground contact rated). I then home run ran the wires from each speaker to my outdoor kitchen where I...
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    Jandy Backorder Rumors

    See my post here... Impacted by Texas Freeze My Versaflow was broken and I had several hairline cracks in the manifold. I fixed them with marine epoxy. My wife and I went hot tubbing for the first time in 3 months. I do have a spare JXI gasket set DM if interested. I can meet you...
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    Impacted by Texas Freeze

    Final update. I noticed the heater was reading pool temps high and shutting off thinking the temp was at the set point of 80 when it was only 75. My first thought was... ok... bad temp sensor. Then I went and looked at where my pool guy put the temp sensor when he put in the bypass and it...
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    Impacted by Texas Freeze

    As an update, my heater is now fully operational. I epoxied the broken piece back onto the VersaFlow. Drilled the corners out of the large crack so to stop it from growing. Then ground the cracks on both the inside and outside, then sanded around where the epoxy will go. Epoxied and...
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    Impacted by Texas Freeze

    So I took it apart today to verify what my pool guy said. The Versaflow valve was definitely cracked. The manifold had a small hairline on inside but I can not see it on outside. I think the cracked Versaflow was the issue my pool guy said
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    Impacted by Texas Freeze

    Hello, this is my first post so I apologize if blunt. I was hit during the texas freeze and my Jandy JXI400N manifold along with my Jandy PB4-60 impeller did not survive. I lost power for a good 9 hours. After 3 hours of no power, I followed the pool builder manual and drained my pumps...