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    Build up on tile

    I recently added some calcium chloride to the pool as my level was 225 which had dropped from 300 from last summer. Then I noticed the following day after addition that my pool has this scale right at the water line. I tested the water today: pH 7.5 FC 7 CH 250 TA 100 CYA 30 CSI -0.29 (pool...
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    Pool cleaner dealers in Houston

    Anyone know of reliable robot pool cleaner dealers in the Houston area? Or do most people order online? I have an in-ground pool with a sunledge and after inheriting a 6 yr old sidepressure Kreepy Krauly cleaner and the trouble trying to find a cracked booster pump body after last week's...
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    Booster pump housing cracked

    Hi Folks, I have a Polaris PB450 booster pump that I wrapped up and tried to drain but still ended up cracking (see below) from what I can tell it looks like it’s only the pump body. Is this correct? And can I just order this part and fix it myself? Thanks for the help!
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    Burst auto fill level pipe. Ok to restart pool pump anyway?

    Hi folks I just checked my pool equipment (pumps, filters, and pipes) and it looks like they survived the freeze. They only casualty is my auto fill pipe that is connected to the sprinkle water line. Apparently when the pool was installed the auto fill line was connected before the sprinkler...
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    Pool pump speed for 24/7 run during Texas freeze

    I live in Houston, TX where there is one day freeze expected on Monday. What’s the optimum low speed rpm I should set my pool pump to for the upcoming freeze to run 24/7? How long should I run it 24/7? Currently it runs at 2550 rpms. I have a pentair intelliflo vs. there is an auto run during...
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    Increase Calcium Hardness?

    My test results this morning. FC 1 TC 1.5 CYA 40 PH 7.8 CH 225 TA 80 I’ve been keeping my pH around 7.3 to 7.5 every other day as we use the pool I Slammed the pool about 9 days ago due to heavy rains up to TC of 14 and have been keeping the levels around 5-7 when we swim. I’ll probably...
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    Calcium hardness low normal range

    Hello, I switched over from Dichlor to 10% liquid chlorine and have been keeping the chlorine levels at recommended levels between 3-5 And pH between 7.3-7.5 since my initial Calcium Hardness before switching was 450. My latest test results today after two weeks of the switch are pH 7.8 FC 3.5...
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    Making the switch to bleach from trichlor tabs

    Hello everyone. After spending what seems to be an an exorbitant amount of money to keep my pool clean, I (finally) listened to my wife (I know l, right?) to decided to really read up on my own pool care with the TFP ebook. I have a 19,000 gallon chlorine pool with an in-line trichlor...