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    Getting Prepared to Balance Chemistry

    My water exchange is going well. I have been pumping and filling for 14 hours and have already seen my values change significantly: From 0.5 free chlorine to 0.5 free chlorine From 0 combined chlorine to 0.5 combined chlorine From 7.6 PH to 7.2 PH From 110 alkalinity to 110 alkalinity From 575...
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    Water Exchange: Cleaning Pool at Same Time

    Hello, due to my high CYA levels I am going to do a water exchange. My diluted CYA is 80, so actually 160. I have a 15000 gallon pool so plan to exchange 2/3 of the water using a submersible pump. I have become perhaps overly ambitious now and thought that I might tackle some additional...
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    Strange Stains

    Over the last two weeks, I have been experiencing brown stains on the pool plaster. I thought it was fertilizer stains, perhaps blowing over from a neighbor yard, and the only thing that would remove the stain is a diluted muriatic acid application directly to the stain. Then, usually each...