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    Intelliflo pump not turning on

    Just tried it again with another voltmeter same thing. I just recently changed the breaker, thought it was faulty. Could that be it?
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    Intelliflo pump not turning on

    I measure between L1 and L2, didn’t get a reading. I killed the power and turned it back on all it says on display: “ Alarm Alarm! Power out failure.” Tried it in service mode too still the same.
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    Intelliflo pump not turning on

    I can’t seem to find an L1 or L2. These are the two inputs to the pump.
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    Intelliflo pump not turning on

    It’s an Intelliflo XF with Screenlogic. Yes it’s run by EasyTouch automation and No, it’s not displaying “Display Not Active”. When I turn it on from the breaker, everything comes on and says something about an Alarm then the screen goes blank. Yes I usually keep it in auto as I’m trying to run...
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    Intelliflo pump not turning on

    Our Pentair intelliflo pump has stopped working for a few days. We had a power outage and it hasnt been working since. I replaced the breaker to the pump and its still not turning on. I hear my actuators turn on but nothing from the pump. What should I be looking for? I've read that it could be...