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  1. mteator

    Plumbing redo before/after

    I opened my pool this afternoon and finally redid the plumbing to have working valves and no more air being sucked in. So quiet now :) I need to do the after filter section next. The o-ring unions are so much nicer than regular threaded connections! I also moved the pump back a bit to give it...
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  4. mteator

    Who Got A March Snowfall?

    Got smacked last night.
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  7. mteator

    Who Got A March Snowfall?

    Got a few dustings the last couple mornings, supposed to get another 3" tonight here in central Kentucky. And a week ago I was debating mowing!
  8. mteator

    going to swim this weekend

    ... jealous. This was a few moments ago...
  9. mteator

    Please explain how to dilute CYA test if over 100

    Thanks for the additional information!
  10. mteator

    New IG Pool Build - Cincinnati (northern Kentucky) - please advise

    I have nearly the same size/shape pool and one skimmer on the side in the deep end and two returns in the shallow end. If the returns are ever so slightly aimed at the surface then I can get pretty good skimming but with the cost of slightly increasing PH and evaporation from the surface...
  11. mteator

    Please explain how to dilute CYA test if over 100

    When my CYA was up in the 3 digits, I would usually take a cup of pool water and a cup of tap water (or three cups when i was diluting 3:1) and mix them, then I put that diluted mixture into the test container up to the mark. This was easier to get the ratio dilutions I was looking for. My CYA...
  12. mteator

    Test kit confusion - questions

    After doing these tests by hand for the entire last season I cannot wait for mine to show up soon. Whatever kit you choose definitely get this!
  13. mteator

    Coldest temp you will swim in?

    My pool never got above 82 last year and spent most of the summer in the 70's. It was a cold, rainy summer. Swam down to 72 though... with all the mowing from all the rain it was welcome to get in there and rinse off. 90's would feel like a bath.
  14. mteator

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Ordered a reagent refill kit while on sale and a speedstir :)
  15. mteator

    Dolphin Deluxe 4 filter conversion kit

    Yeah I found a few of those, and was disappointed when the realization set in :)
  16. mteator

    Dolphin Deluxe 4 filter conversion kit

    I found it here for $90 Dolphin Pool Cleaner Cartridge Assembly 9991414-ASSY | Maytronics 9991414-ASSY Still learning the best places to order things... reliable companies and all. I know computers, race cars, and telescopes but new to pool stuff :)
  17. mteator

    Dolphin Deluxe 4 filter conversion kit

    I have a Dolphin Deluxe 4 that has the filter bag in it. I hardly use it because I don't get much leaves or large debris in my pool so I usually vacuum myself since the finer stuff just goes through the bag (mostly clay dust/dirt from mowing and neighboring farms) I've found conversion kits...
  18. mteator

    First time opening

    Ooh... that's nice.
  19. mteator

    Air leak at pool pump connection

    Awesome, thanks! My goals for the replumb are: Replace the broken valves with some Jandy or Pentair fancy shmancy ones. The existing valves are the basic ball valves and there was grass around the pipes so they got destroyed by the lawn guys and are permanently open. Put unions at the...
  20. mteator

    Air leak at pool pump connection

    I had a leak in the exact same place last year and I had bad luck trying to fix it with the pump continually running as even though it was a pinhole leak it would suck the uncured silicone through the threads and keep leaking. I redid it with the pump on and immediately turned it off for a day...
  21. mteator

    Getting closer to opening time

    This rain in Kentucky is nuts. My water is still clear with a mesh safety cover over it though, took 8" of water out the pool the other day to get it down to a reasonable level. Ready to get this thing open as well :)
  22. mteator

    Hello from the Bluegrass

    I hit 70 on the CYA yesterday, feels good to test it without dilution :)
  23. mteator

    Does your pool have a Critter Kill Count?

    I've not said a word of the mice to my wife.
  24. mteator

    Hello from the Bluegrass

    Thanks for the link! I think what I'd like to find is some jandy valves, esp if a local store stocks them. I backwash more often then necessary to help with lowering my CYA. I was hoping to have it down to ~40 before the pool hit 90F but couldn't get there fast enough. But having started out...
  25. mteator

    Hello from the Bluegrass

    6 acres, it's mostly flat and not many trees so I mow it pretty fast with a 61" Scag Turf Tiger 2. Usually just under 2 hours in the seat to get it all mowed. They left a Dolphin Deluxe 4 robot so I usually throw it in while I'm mowing to get the pool scrubbed up good.
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  27. mteator

    Hello from the Bluegrass

    Thanks! I spend a good bit of time looking back at the pool from the mower ;)
  28. mteator

    Hello from the Bluegrass

    I've been lurking around for a few months as I've gotten into the swing of things with a new-to-me pool that came with a home purchase. I grew up always having pools so I sorta knew what I was getting in to, but having my own I really wanted to understand it. I got a K2006 test kit and test PH...
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