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  1. J

    Sand filter blowing stuff back into pool

    So I have a sand dollar sd60 sand filter that has started giving me a problem. I will use the vac to clean the pool and the next morning silt / the stuff I just vacuumed out is back in it. Not all of it but a lot of it. The filter is 11 years old and the sand was replaced 7 years ago when we...
  2. J

    Best AG pool cleaner

    I am fixing to be in the market for a new pool cleaner and was curious as to what y’all use. I have been using Wanda the whale for several years and she has done ok. I was just wondering if there was something better. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Another chlorine question

    So my motor on my pump went out about two weeks ago and it took a week for a new one to arrive. While waiting I tried to keep the water clear by adding bleach daily but in the end, it turned a little cloudy. After installing the new motor, I can’t keep chlorine in it. It’s super clear but still...
  4. J

    New salt system reading 2800 when no salt has been added

    I have just installed a Hayward aquatrol on my 24' AG and when I turned it on to my sunrise the salt reading on the readout is already at 2800. I don't have the generator turned on yet since I am going to get good levels with bleach first. Going to the store now to buy salt to have on hand...
  5. J

    New 24' SW above ground

    I just replaced my 7 year old 24' metal AG pool BBB with a 24' AG resin SALT pool due to the old pool rusting so bad. I have almost full of water and will start her up tomorrow. What method should I use to start up? Do I just get my parameters like cya, alkalinity, ph and free chlorine in check...
  6. J

    New pool bottom?

    I currently have a 24' round above ground thats about 8 years old that has a few problems; I have decided instead of fixing it, I am going to buy a new resin 24 above ground pool. The problem I have had with my current pool is the bottom always seems to get divots and foot prints over time...
  7. J

    Anyone have experience with the liquidator?

    I bought a liquidator to go in my above ground pool but it isn't working right. I have my feed line hooked to the pump basket drain and it's not pulling a suction. My pump is running on high and it's outing out a ton of pressure into the pool but still not sucking from the liquidator. I called...
  8. J

    Cloudy water!!!

    I have had my pool for about 5 years and have always had a sparkling pool and have been using the BBB method from day one. I have never had a green pool but this year I didn’t start adding bleach to the pool at the right time and I got a slight green tint to the water. I have since gotten my...
  9. J

    Aqua big only cleans one side of pool

    My aqua bug only cleans one side of the pool, I think it is due to my water circulation being to fast. Any one else experience this the the bug or the whale?
  10. J

    Sand filter not filtering.

    I have a sand dollar sand filter and it does not seem to be filtering properly. It is two years old and I have never done anything to it other than the normal backwash and rinse. I vacuumed the pool the other day and it was perfect, I went back out the very next day and all of the sand I...
  11. J

    Trying to order refills from TFtestkits

    I am trying to order some cya reagent from TF testkits and it is not allowing me to order it. When I fill in all of the info and try to checkout it says" This transaction has been declined. #2 ". I know money is not an issue on the card. Is there a minimum purchase amount maybe? I cant figure it...
  12. J

    New emerson 2spd 1hp switch.

    What kind of switch can I get to use with my new emerson 2spd 1hp motor. I figured it would have came with one on it but I guess I was wrong. :grrrr: Would lowes have something? I need something ASAp due to the fact this is going on 7 days without a pump going. hasnt started turning green yet...
  13. J

    I think my pump is gonna die.

    As the topic states my 1.5hp dynamo pump motor has started to turn itself on and off throughout the day. It is only about 13 months old(go figure a month out of warranty). My pool is 13,500 gallons and I was wondering if this pump is too large? I like having the larger pump for my aqua critter...
  14. J

    Liquid Chlorine

    Is there a way to tell what percent liquid chlorine is? The pool store (which I hate to buy from) has nothing but high school kids working there and when I ask what % it is I got an answer of 47%. :shock:. Needless to say no one ever gave me the correct answer so I am wanting to test it myself...
  15. J

    Sand Dollar filter.

    My 22" Sand Dollar filter is constantly on 18 psi. I can backwash it for 10 minutes and once I switch it back to filter it is still at 18psi. Why would this be happening?
  16. J

    Zero CYA

    On the pool calculator it states Be careful if your CYA is really and truly zero in the suggested FC area. Why does that matter when adding bleach. Over the winter all I did was added bleach here and there not bothering with CYA but now it is warming up I checked my CYA and it is Zero. I forgot...
  17. J

    PH Drop

    I have noticed my Ph has dropped over the past two days it was satying around 7.4-7.5 and yesterday it had dropped to 7.2 so I added 2lbs 14oz to get it to 7.5 I come home today and check it and it is at about 7.0. Any one have any ideas? My levels are FC-4 CC-0 PH-7.0 T/A-110 CYA-30 Temp-91...
  18. J

    Chlorine level?

    Ok so this pool stuff isnt near as hard as I first thought it was going to be. My levels now are: FC 4 CC 0 TC 4 PH 7.5 T/A 100 CYA 37 According to the CYA and FC chart my target FC should be about 5 well right now its at 4 and it still bothers my eyes a little :shock: . Will it hurt to let it...
  19. J

    Newbie here, please help. My wife is ready to swim.

    Hello to all. I am a newbie here and have a few questions maybe yall can help me with(yes I said yall, i am from the south LOL) :lol: Anyways I have a AG 24' round pool that is 13,600 GAL. I am testing with the TF-100 and I have used the pool calculator and dont understand is the Goal when you...