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    Can Seal Make Sound?

    I started getting a slight "chatter" sound at startup towards the end of last season. The sound went away after a few seconds. It has been online this season for about 3 weeks and is now lasting 10-15 seconds. The colder it is the longer it lasts. Now it has developed a single drip below the...
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    Does anyone know what this is? - Solved

    No, it is solid - seems to be made out of same material as the tank. Yes! It is tape I just went to look at again after coffee and with my good glasses on and the sun up :cool::coffee: Thanks - I can sleep tonight!
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    Does anyone know what this is? - Solved

    This was in the bag with the pressure gauge and air relief valve of a Pentair C & C filter. I don't see mention of it in the manual nor do I see it on the parts diagram. Thanks
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    Replacing Pump

    I would guess the first step in troubleshooting the salt cell situation would be to get a salt test kit and see if it tests close to what the cell is saying. K-1766 Taylor Salt Test As far as your pump, if you want to save some $ and don't want to tackle a DIY repair, try to find an electric...
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    "Hot fix" - black poly transition to PVC while water is in pipe

    To make it easier to insert and for older pipe less likely to split. A side effect is that it does mold somewhat as well. I have actually repressurized a poly pipe after removing the clamps out of curiosity and it held without leaking. That was breifly fooling around, no idea how long it...
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    "Hot fix" - black poly transition to PVC while water is in pipe

    I just heat the outside. A safer alternative for the inexperienced and a one time shot is to use boiling water either poured over the poly or put the end of the poly in the container holding the hot water.
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    "Hot fix" - black poly transition to PVC while water is in pipe

    I don't have a lot of pool experience, but I do have quite a bit of poly/barb fittings experience... I would suggest gently heating the poly prior to inserting the barb. I personally use a torch to do this, but you have to be careful not to melt it. I would also suggest using two clamps on...
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    Neighbors pool making a swooshing noise

    I had a similar situation with my AGP - not sure if I would call the noise a "swoosh" though. It was the return causing a vortex in the pool and it would occasionally suck air and make a noise. Adjusting the eyeball would only move where the vortex was forming. I used two elbows to lower the...
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    An opportunity has risen to replace my single speed pump with a VS pump for free. But..

    Here is my experience with them - could be a fluke - I would recommend reading as many reviews as you can find. Hayward pump union threads same as Extreme power?
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    Hayward pump union threads same as Extreme power?

    I didn't take measurements, but I have a Sta-Rite (Pentair) Dynamo 1.5 single speed. I bought an ExtremePowerUS 1.5 two speed to take advantage of having two speeds and have my current pump as a spare on hand. This was the only 2 speed pump I could find this summer. It took a month to get...
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    Thinking About VS Pump

    A search of the forum finds lots of things made by Waterway, but hardly anything about pumps. This one looks interesting to me - it is variable speed, can run on 115v, has the mount on the motor so it should fit onto my filter/pump stand and is cheaper than most others. Anyone heard any horror...
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    Thinking About VS Pump

    This is by far the cheapest and easiest solution I have found. This pump is identical to mine except it is two speed. I didn't mention it above, but I stupidly used 12-2 instead of 12-3 cable so add another $200ish for more cable and a 2 pole GFCI breaker for any 220v solution. My...
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    Thinking About VS Pump

    My wife is compaining about the noise level of the 1.5 HP single speed pump that came with our AGP. After reading about methods of noise abatement, it looks to me like the best solution is to get a VS pump. I first became interested in a V-Green 1.65 HP thinking I could just swap it with my...
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    Circupool Power On Status

    My unit will be here tomorrow but my pool is still closed with a water temp of 55°. I will mount and wire the box and plumb the cell using the bypass cell in its place when it arrives. I plan on opening the pool on Friday and start getting the balance right and let some sun hit the water to...
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    Calling all CircuPool RJ series owners, need you real world experiences

    Well this thread is making me paranoid. Based on This Thread I started I ordered the RJ-30 for my 17.5k pool. I took awhile to make that decision and now this thread has me second guessing again. It hasn't arrived yet and now I am wondering if I should refuse delivery and order the RJ-45 instead.
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    Questions on SWG and pump

    @onlyjeeps I just ordered the following online from the Milford, DE Walmart - took around 8 hours but I finally got the email that it was ready for pickup. Waiting out the storm to do so. I was going to say that if you felt like a little road trip that it was available there. I just went...
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    SWG - Sizing and Power Supply Questions

    Ahhh - thanks and thanks :) Based on Jim's figures and playing with the PoolMath app at mguzzy's suggestion it looks like the RJ-30, based on last year's usage, will produce my needed chlorine in 8 hours set at 44% and the RJ-45 would do it set at 33%. Agreed. Seeing these numbers has...
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    SWG - Sizing and Power Supply Questions

    Thanks for the reply. What I forgot to ask in my last post - I have no idea how to equate the #s of chlorine gas the SWG makes to an amount of liquid chlorine. Last year I averaged using 1 quart a day of 10% Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid and ran my pump for 8 hours a day. I guess what...
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    SWG - Sizing and Power Supply Questions

    I haven't ordered yet - still vacillating on size. The RJ-45 is 2.5x my pool capacity - I understand this isn't too big correct? At $100 more than the RJ-30, is it conceivable that I may recoup that amount due to the difference in longevity of the RJ-45 given it will not have to work as hard...
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    SWG - Sizing and Power Supply Questions

    Hi, The bleach shortage caused me to take another look at getting an SWG. I was looking at Aqua Rite but then decided an IntelliChlor was right for me. I had breezed right by CircuPool - after slowing down and taking a closer look at them I now think they are best for me. I hated that the...
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    Chem Questions

    Thanks for the welcome! My post should say "HTH 6 way" not "HTH 4 way" - it includes hardness testing. That said, it registers not present for hardness. I do use FAS-DPD for FC/CC testing - even have the SpeedStir and SampleSizer. I test FC daily but did other tests as well yesterday. I got...
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    Chem Questions

    Hi all, I had a 4k gallon ring-top Intex for the past two years. Year one went well (apparently by sheer luck) - last year started out bad. I didn't really trust the test results and advice given at the pool store, so bought a HTH 4 way test kit and studied up on pool chemistry on the...