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  1. TSiGirl

    So Much for National Pool Opening Day

    This Bull is happening right now. :cautious:
  2. TSiGirl

    Semi Inground Liner Change

    Last week we finally had our liner change happen and it went great. I had originally scheduled it for late April, but with all of the above normal precipitation we had from April to July, we rescheduled it for the first week of September, and it has been very it worked out. It took me...
  3. TSiGirl

    Bull BBQ Island

    We decided to buy a pre fab Bull Power Q island. We got a Bull Angus Elite Head. We are thrilled with it because it works in our limited patio space.
  4. TSiGirl


    Last year was the first season with my current pool.. Today I took my water's is at 52. All the ice has melted inside. My weather app has about 2 nights in the coming week and a half that will dip into 30's at night. Is it too soon? And yes..I'm super exited to get it going.. This is...
  5. TSiGirl

    Insane Pools on Animal Planet

    This new show starts this Friday February 20th...looks interesting. Got the DVR ready...nothing else to do till the snow melts!
  6. TSiGirl

    Upgrading to Robotic

    After looking and researching for months.. I am thinking of buying the Aquabot Pura 4X...anyone have experience with this cleaner? I love the ease of the top loading bag(I tested it at the store). :mrgreen:
  7. TSiGirl

    My Pool is Up

    It finally happened today. It was supposed to be sunny...but it was mostly cloudy and some thunderstorms nearby..only got as far as filling to about two inches...we are too tired. Everything aches! Tomorrow fill up some more and cut out the skimmer and return.. set up the equipment, ect. My yard...
  8. TSiGirl

    Got my TF100!

    So exited! My husband and I are so impressed with how well packaged and high quality everything in that box is! Can't wait for pool season! Super happy how quickly it shipped too...thank you!!! :-D
  9. TSiGirl

    Hi from Northwest Illinois

    Hi everyone! I have been here for quite awhile lurking and learning.. I have quite a challenging situation..some power lines that run right through the middle of our yard..following all regulations then we can only do a 15 round..or a 12x19. 15 round sounds so small..the 12X19 I have seen...but...