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    Are these two filters interchangeable?

    The specs look almost identical except small difference in surface area. No, I'm not buying them from Leslie's. Pleatco PA106 Hayward C-4025 SwimClear Replacement Filter Cartridge, Open with Molded Gasket Pleatco PA112 Hayward C-4500 Super Star Clear, SwimClear C-4520, Pentair Purex CF 105...
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    Adjusting PH and TA. What's the proper procedure?

    Latest stats: FC 4.0 PH 8.0 TA 70 CH 250 CYA 35 So my PH is high and my TA is a bit on the low side. Should I adjust TA first, wait a bit and then adjust PH? Or can I adjust both at the same time? Does it matter? Doesn't baking soda neutralize acid? It seems like if you add both at the...
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    Pool circulation

    Below is a picture of my pool. Yes, I know it's dirty. The polaris got tangled up and didn't do it's job yesterday. Issue #1 is the way the two half-circles on either end of the pool don't get great circulation. As you can see, I have a lot of pine trees (one that is VERY close to the...
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    Is my CYA low?

    So, yesterday my FC level was about 2.6ppm. I added about 3/4 gallon of 8.25% bleach (trying to get it up to around 5ppm). About 24 hours later, FC is 0. I typically supplement my bleach with tablets in a floater (in case I forget to test one day). I had 2 tablets in the floater during this...
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    Is my pool suction line clogged?

    It all started when I noticed that my spa kept filling up with junk and the skimmer was close to empty. I assume for a pool level spa, it's best to have the water flowing out of the spa to prevent stuff from getting stuck in there. The only way I have been able to get the water flowing out of...
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    What is causing my belly clamp to corrode?

    The powder coating on my belly clamp is peeling away. Time to buy a new one? What could be causing it to corrode like this? Is this normal wear & tear or something else?
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    High CYA level. I guess I need to do a partial drain?

    Took a water sample to my local pool supply store a couple weeks ago. The only thing they suggested was to increase my CH. Took care of that. I asked them about the CYA level, and they said it was OK for now. However, after reading through the pool school articles, I'm convinced it's high...
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    Air leak or something else?

    I hope I'm not double posting, my last post doesn't appear to have gone through. After cleaning out my pump basket, I started getting a lot of air bubbles coming out of the spa jets in my pool. The pool jets do not bubble. My spa also seems to be draining down despite the fact that I have...