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    test results

    ok so the pool was just acid washed and drained. filled back up. FC: 9 Cya:80 TA:80 Ph:7.4 was at 6.6 2 days ago i turned the jets up to aerate the water to bring it up the cheep way. looks good. any suggestions please? thanks!!!
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    Air Bubbles in pump skimmer

    ok so i have had this problem for as long as i can remember. there is always air bubbles in the skimmer in front of the pump and that causes air to build up in the filter and push all the water out and only uses the lower 4 inchs to filter through. HOW DO I GET THE AIR OUT AND KEEP IT FROM...
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    First test with the TF-100 results

    ok here we go: FC:0 CC:0 TC:0 PH:7.5 T/A:100 CH:400? CYA:25 the pool is just coming back from green bad its a light green and cloudy now.
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    Can I do a CBB method

    i can get chlorine for .99$ so it is cheeper to use that then bleach for me. will this work. I am waiting for my test kit for the pool and it was green yesterday like bad. so ijust put 5 gal of chlorine in and another 2 1/2 this morning. the pool store says i have no choline and need to raise my...
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    there is to many kits

    Ok well really only 3 the TF-100 and the taylor 2005, or 2006. so here is my question. what one do i get? no just kidding! i really like taylor and want to maybe start to clean pools for my friend pool business and that made me lean more to taylor and then more to getting the PRO model 2006C. so...