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    Ichlor vs. Intellichlor

    I have a few questions on the Ichlor. I search the forum and could not find answers. I need to replace my IC40 and I am considering the Ichol 30. I have a 19,000-gallon pool with a UV light sanitizer. Is the Ichor the latest Pentair SWG? I saw a few youtube videos saying that? Does anyone...
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    My WaterPots (fountains) are dry

    I have some water pot that are on a separate single speed pump. The pump runs these and a bubbler. They used to always have water in them however now they are always dry see the picture Running After running Could it be a leak? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Water Pots are dry

    I noticed that my Water Pots that use to always have some water in them are dry. When I run them they seem to work fine. They fill up and then are bone dry the next day. They used to always have water in them. Any suggestions?
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    My Outdoor Kitchen is Complete!

    I finally completed my outdoor kitchen. While it was a lot of work - it was worth it. Threw out my back on the last day putting the 3 drawer cabinet ;-( . After all the flat work - I decided to order the frames. Welded aluminum. [attachment=0:gn66nozo]IMG_1004.JPG[/attachment:gn66nozo]...
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    New Build - Questions

    Hello all, This forum is awesome. I have couple questions before my build. Does anyone see a problem with building an island on crushed granite composite. That is very available here in central Texas. I think it would make a pretty stable base. Considering putting pavers on the granite...
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    Ran Pump with drains/skimmer closed - water sensor leak

    Newbie mistake. Pool is 5 months old. I ran my pump (Pentair Intelliflo VS 3050) last without re-opening the skimmer and drain valve after cleaning. I now have a leak by the water sensor. The heat seemed to melt the PVC a little. You see an indention where the sensor is. I tightened the...
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    Newbie ??? - Pool looks great but low FC and CYA; High PH

    I have new pool. Opened mid March this year. My FC readings have always been low - around .5 to 1.0. Also, my CYA is low or almost non existent. PH is usually high - around 8.2 The water looks and feels great. I have SWG and Delta UV filter as well. I am wondering if the UV filter is...