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    Draining salt water

    Hello my pool 24 by 12 intex need to come down due to rusted out frame. It is a swg pool and I was wondering have anyone of you drined a whole pool of salt water onto your yards/plants or drained it down the drain ? Thank you for the help. Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
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    Found dead rat in pool

    Found a dead rat in my pool is my eater safe ? What to do now ?
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    Need help with portable vacuum

    Hello I am currently making a portable vacuum for my above ground pool. I have the pump and filter installed just need an idea of how to attach the vacuum hose to the pump and filter. Thank you fir the help [emoji2]
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    How to change a Superflo pump from 230 to 110 Volts

    just want to make sure i do this right can someone please clarify how to make this pump into 110. Where would my black and while wires attach to?
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    Question on type of bonding lug

    Hello I had a question on the types if bonding lugs. Do I have to use a brass bonding mug like this? Or can I use a tin plated lug like this? Also on the type of bolt would some thing like this stainless steel be fine ?
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    Over night chlorine lost test question

    Am working graveyard shift now and there is no way I can make it hone before Sun raise to test for lost chlorine. What are my options? Can I have some one Take a sample from the pool before Sun raise and save for me until I get home to test it ?
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    First time testing with Tf100 kit

    I tested my pool with the tf100 for the first time today and i was confused with the cya test. We need to have our back to the sun right? When i did this there was my shadow over the test tube which give me a higher cya readinh of 70. But when moved and let the sunlight hit the testtube the cya...
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    really weird question on aquatrol

    I disconnected my aqua trol t5 cell for the first time today, no calcium build up, but i noticed it had missing plates. :confused: i saw about five slots that did not have metal plates but the other half does have about seven plates. Am i missing plates inside my t-cell or is this normal?
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    Can Solar Heaters Be Plumbed Into Pool Fountain?

    I as wondering if any one has installed solar heaters and plumbed their return into a fountain? If not could it be done?
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    Spring Free Check Valve

    I have been searching for a pool check valve that is spring free to reduce head loss but even pentair and jandy valves have springs. Do these count as spring free valves?
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    Has Any One Installed Fafco Solar Panels

    I was wondering if any one has fafco panels and if the intake can be on the same side as the return. Thank you.
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    Need help on solar panels on my Intex 12 by 24

    I was wondering if my 2650 intex pump would be able to run four solar panels on my roof. The pump is about 10 ft away from the roof plus 8 ft to the top of my roof. All of my pool plumbing is 2 in hard pipe with a added skimmer. So i currently have two intakes and one return. Any help will be...
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    Falco solar heaters

    I need advise I found used falco performance st solar heaters for sale they are 10 years old are the worth buying?
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    New salt pool Hayward look a like?

    Has any one tried one of these yet?
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    Question about bonding Intex 12 by 24

    I have a new hayway aqua trol and Hayward pump. I have read several other topics some saying it's nit necessary others saying it is necessary to bond an index. If I do bond my intex I need to run a loop around the pool and attach at four spots or four supports and then pump and swg. My question...
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    difference between SP0714T1 and sp0714t

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the difference between these two values is I have looked everywhere and can not find their difference. Will they both fit a Hayward s24?
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    Need help in pool underlayment

    Hello everyone I am currently working on setting up my 12 by 24 Intel pool. I was wondering if I can simply place the pool on dirt with a trap under? And what is the cheapest underlayment I can purchase? Am on a tight budget. Thank you for the help :)
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    Upgrading from intex 2650 pump/filter discussion

    Mod Edit: Split from this topic. Question in this post was in reference to the Hayward Matrix 1 hp 2-speed pump. did your 2 speed pump move enough water in your pool?
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    Aqua Trol running a T15 Cell

    has anyone ever tried running a t15 on a aqua trol control box? is there any modifications to make it work? :idea:
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    Bottom drain on above ground pool

    Has any one installed a bottom drain on their intex above ground pool. Either on the bottom or on the side torwards the bottom the way racerboy6996 did on his 16 by 32 pool