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    Controller for valve actuators

    I'm looking for a simple controller for a few valve actuators I'd like to install. All the ones I've seen are sophisticated and meant to control the entire pool system, including pumps, filters, LEDs, water features, etc. (Aqualink, Intellitouch...) All I need it to do is activate the actuator...
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    Old pool lighting, help!

    My house came with a pool and I'm slowly fixing all the issues I inherited. I think the pool was put in at least 25+ years ago. I'm now looking at the lighting and trying to get a feel for what I'm dealing with. Any and all help with what I have and what I can do is hugely appreciated!! I've...
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    Can I put flow meter here?

    I'd like to put a FlowVis flow meter in my system and it sounds like you can just replace an existing spa check valve with it. I just want to verify for my system. See picture. Can I put the retrofit FlowVis where the check valve is?