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  1. Sunnymosmile

    Priming And Equipment Question

    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day! I have two questions: 1- Awhile back I was having issues with bubbles in my jets. I applied Vaseline to my pump o-ring which helped but was advised that it was not good to add Vaseline. I cleaned it off and used pool lube...
  2. Sunnymosmile

    Aquatrol Panel Not Turning On the Pump

    Good Morning, I’m at my mothers house and her Aquatrol Panel will not turn on the pump. Even if I turn it to on and not auto, it still will not turn on the pump. I have googled and the only thing I seem to find it an assumption that the timer isn’t set right but that is not the problem. Any...
  3. Sunnymosmile

    Do I Have Algae?

    Hi Everyone! I swear my pool is being difficult in this second year of ownership. It was so easy last year and now the pool is mocking me. I’m trying to figure out if I have algae. I keep having random areas of dust collecting on the bottom of the pool and when I try to touch it it...
  4. Sunnymosmile

    Air In System

    Hi Everyone! I’m desperate and I need some help. I have air somewhere in my system. When the pump is running, I can hear my sand filter (sounds like water running - pretty sure I couldn’t hear that last year), the filter pressure seems really low (running at 1300 RPM) and I can see air...
  5. Sunnymosmile

    What kind of bugs are these?

    Hey everyone, I’m curious if anyone has experienced these bugs in their pool? They are all over the surface and it’s gross. Any ideas what they are and how to stop/prevent them?
  6. Sunnymosmile

    Gym Pool Test Results

    My gym has two pools, an indoor and an outdoor. I’ve been wanting to take a pool aerobics class but I’ve always been weary of public pools, hence the reason I built my own, and since I have been following this group my weariness has grown ten fold. I decided I would test the pool before I took...
  7. Sunnymosmile

    TFTest Kit Sale

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know when the TFTest Kit will be going on sale for the spring? I need some stuff but if it is soon then I will just wait and get the whole refill. Thank you! Monique
  8. Sunnymosmile

    Best way to clean up Concrete Remnants

    Hi Everyone, We had some concrete work done around the pool because it started cracking and leaning in the first year. They tried to be clean in their process but hey left a lot of concrete dust and chunks in the pool. What is the best way to clean this? I’ve always tried (gently) vacuuming...
  9. Sunnymosmile

    Pentair Intellibrite LED

    Hi Everyone, Another question since this is my first year of pool ownership. Should I avoid running my Pentair Intellibrite LED lights in my pool when the water is a certain temperature? The water is currently 47° but last week it was 30°.
  10. Sunnymosmile

    Valve Question

    Hi Everyone, I am full of questions this week. I am curious which way my valve (for the main drain) should be turned. I know if I have my valve in the center for the skimmers as it currently is, then both skimmers are on full force, at least that’s what my PB told me. But what about the Main...
  11. Sunnymosmile

    Frozen Pipes

    Hola! I have ave a quick question. I live in NC and last week we had crazy freezing weather for days upon end. My pool stayed running and I even added a space heater in with my pump with a tarp over it just to be sure it would be ok. The problem is, before I did that, and without realizing...
  12. Sunnymosmile

    How do you deep clean the Pleated Filter cartridge

    Hello, i was hoping someone had some advice on how to deep clean the pleated filter cartridge. My robot is being put away for the season. :(:(
  13. Sunnymosmile

    Power Supply Damaged by Hail

    Good Evening Everyone, We got to experience the last parts of Harvey almost two weeks ago in the Raleigh area. Our home and car suffered over $40,000 worth of damage from hail the size of baseballs. Fortunately, everyone is ok. Sadly, my robot was injured during the storm since it was in...
  14. Sunnymosmile

    Pool Draining Following a Rainstorm

    Hi Everyone! I wondering if anyone has to drain their pool as often as I do. We have these crazy flash-flooding storms and whenever one pops up, I inevitably have to drain the pool 2 - 3 inches. This probably happens once or twice every week or two. Is that normal or should I be concerned at...
  15. Sunnymosmile

    Help Needed - Hayward Aquatrol SWG Issue

    Good morning, I'm visiting my mother in Atlanta and trying to get her pool up and and running. Her pool builder has not been very helpful at all and did not leave her with a fully operational pool. She has been manually adding Chlorine to keep her levels up. I cannot seem to get the SCG to...
  16. Sunnymosmile

    Appropriate CYA Level

    Hola! I have question concerning the appropriate CYA level for a SWG. The TFP Chlorine/CYA chart indicates that an appropriate level is is 60-80, however, 60 is not recommend. I was just curious why that's the case? Should I target a CYA level of 70 and FC of 5? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Sunnymosmile

    Water Balancing with Questions

    Hi All, I'm in the process of bringing my water in line with TFP recommendations but I have a couple of questions. - The chart shows my CYA should be 70-80. Why is the recommendation so much higher for a SWG vs traditional? I think I confused myself when I reviewed an old chart, that was...
  18. Sunnymosmile

    Dolphin M400

    Hi All! So I'm shopping for a robot and the local shops around here seem to carry the M400. I found one today for $1260 plus tax. That includes the robot and caddy. Is that a good price? Also, is it customary for the Pool Stores to allow you to test a robot prior to purchasing? Sent from...
  19. Sunnymosmile

    New Above Ground Pool Build in Atlanta, GA

    Hi Everyone! Apparently, my husband and I getting a pool has inspired my mother. She wants an above ground pool but in her "motherly" fashion, she has assigned me to get it done for her. From another state. LOL! Anywho, I contacted a few pool builders in the Atlanta area and I didn't...
  20. Sunnymosmile

    New Build - Vinyl Lagoon in North Carolina

    Hi! I'm so excited to share our new build that finally got started after a few delays. Digging began yesterday and all I could think about was Kim's favorite saying, "Let the mud begin!" Holy moly what an understatement. Although it hasn't rained too much over the past two days, it has been...
  21. Sunnymosmile

    Considering New Pool Build in North Carolina

    Hello! My husband and I are contemplating a new pool build. We have looked at fiberglass and vinyl and we both agree that vinyl will be out best option. Here is what our current quote looks like: Pool Shape and size: Mountain Pond 20x34 ($26,536), cuddle cove option ($1500), steel steps with...